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  • CHOI Yoonsuk
    Blue Swallow (2005, Cineline II & Korea Pictures) Production Assistant (2004.03~04), Location Coordinator (2005.09) Dreams Come True (Dreams Sugar Pictures Inc.) Production Manager (2009.01~2010.02) Asian Film Academy Production Line Producer (2010.08~10 & 2011.08~11) Over and Over Again (supported by DSU, the Im Kwon Taek College of Film & Media Arts) Executive Producer (2011.12~2012.05)
  • Joyce Chia-Yi CHOU
    Joyce Chou has been working extensively with local and foreign talents since she got a film degree from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2010. In 2016, Joyce began working on international co-production projects including Fresh off the Boat season 3 (Fox, USA), The Spy Gone North (Korea), and A Touch of Spring (Canada). In 2017, she worked with Hanmac Culture group for developing a Taiwan-Korea co-production film as an associate producer. The project won the Mandarin Vision Award at the 2017 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP).
  • Nawa Nidhi DAHAL
    Nawa Nidhi Dahal is a Nepali film producer based in Kathmandu. He has been producing short films since 2012. Most of his short films have travelled around the festival circuit and received awards, including top prizes. His first feature film The Eighty First Summer by Reason Gajurel is in post production right now. He is currently developing Manoj Babu Panta's debut feature The Land of Ancestors. He is also a fellow at Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) and a participant in Locarno Open Doors Lab this year.
  • Soe Arkar Htun
    Soe Arkar Htun is a filmmaker from Myanmar. He started his career in filmmaking at Yangon Film School in 2014. Since then he has worked as a producer, and as a director in several documentaries, short films, and commercial films. Some of his films have been invited to an array of international film festivals in various countries including the UK, India, Nepal, Japan, and France. His first documentary A Political Life won the 2016 Watersprite Filmmaker of the Future Award. In 2017, he was selected to attend the ASIADOC, a workshop for documentary producer in Cambodia.
  • IMAI Taro
    After working as a boom operator in Los Angeles, Imai Taro worked for a car company and a trading company in Japan for 10 years. His first feature film as a producer won a prize at New Directors Film Festival 2015, and his second film, Eriko, Pretended, was released theatrically in Japan and Thailand in 2018. He participated in EAVE Ties That Bind in 2016.
  • JUNG Jeewon
    Jung Jeewon studied Political Science and Cultural Studies at Yonsei University. She has published independent magazines and books for six years and worked for VP (Venture Philanthropy) C program for two years. Recently, she founded ‘Noside,’ a media lab that produces and distributes content across various platforms including print books, zines, film, audio, web, and more. As a filmmaker, she has participated in several films as a writer and actress. She directed three short films, This is the Important Problem: Who Listens To My Story? (2006, 30mins); That Summer (2008, 29mins), which screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival; and Moments of Yongdusan Park (2018, 11mins).
  • Raja Saad
    Raja Saad is a film major graduate from Riphah International University in Islamabad, Pakistan. He has directed and produced many short films throughout his career and this is his debut feature film project. His film DNC, which he directed and produced, was screened at the ‘Channel 4 Film Festival 2017’ and was officially selected for the HUM Short Film Festival. Another film he produced, Faryad (directed by Fahad Kahut), won the Best Short Film Award in IndieFest Film Festival in 2016 and was nominated in Los Angeles Film Festival 2016. Recently he attended several film labs including American Film Showcase, Bucheon Fantastic Film School, ‘PNCA Film workshop’, 60 seconds short films workshop and Busan Asian Film School. He is the first person to start an independent film society in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, called the Islamabad Film Society and currently runs Black Art Production as CEO.
  • KIM Hwigeun
    Kim Hwigeun is a 23 year old Korean director. Despite his young age and lack of previous professional filmmaking training, he has created one feature film, two mid-length films, and several music videos. His debut feature film, The Boy Who Had Horns won the Grand Prize at the 19th Busan Independent Film Festival in 2017, the youngest ever director in the festival's history to do so. He is working on his second feature film Unexploded Bomb.
  • LEE Jungwoo
    Lee Jungwoo is a film producer from Korea. He has been working extensively with US talents since 2010 while studying filmmaking at Brooklyn College, CUNY in New York, USA. His first short film Karl was shot in 2013. This unconventional love drama won First Prize at the 2014 CUNY Asian-American Film Festival (NY), screened at numerous film theaters, including Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Anthology Film Archive, and more. Since 2015, he has worked for SKYST Inc., a media contents company based in Busan, Korea, and began work to on international co-production projects with talents from all over the world including The Steps (Japan), The Soup-maker (Iran) and Worm and Widow (Brunei).
  • LI Huiyi
    Li Huiyi studied film and theater at Kyung Hee University in Korea. She directed a short film The Two of Us which won the best director award at the Chinese Micro Film Contest 2015, and A Dream of Interest (2016) which was shot in China with a Korean crew with production support from the Gyeong-gi Film School Festival. In 2017, Li Huiyi worked in Beijing Enlight Pictures as the P&A Video Team Manager of the animated feature Dahufa. Following her work at Enlight Pictures, Li Huiyi produced several commercials for clients like OPPO, Tmall, Tencent and Adobe.
  • LIM Ying Xian
    After acquiring a Masters in Film Studies from King’s College London, Lim Ying Xian returned to Malaysia to build her career as a creative producer. She has since produced commercial works, documentaries, television and long-form narrative features, such as Return to Nostalgia (2015) and Aqérat (2017), which won the Best Director prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival. She also co-produced an action film Zombitopia due for commercial release in early 2019. She currently has several projects in development – the revenge thriller Siri, a Chinese-language dark comedy called White School, and Dulang, a time-travelling murder mystery mini-series.
  • Gale OSORIO
    Gale Osorio started as an art director for an advertising agency under Publicis Groupe. Following Publicis, she worked as a freelance assistant director for TV commercials. In 2012, she undertook her graduate coursework in cinema studies and became the creative director for Binisaya, the only Visayan language film festival in the Philippines. Next she produced Iskalawags (2013) and Lily (2016), with both films making many of the top ten film critics’ lists. The latest film she produced, Babylon (2017), was selected in the 68th Berlinale International Film Festival Shorts Competition.
  • Jordan Katherine SEE
    Jordan Katherine See is an experienced director/executive producer who has worked in film, television and social media. She directed three short films for the Singapore Memory Project, including Through Thick and Thin, which was met with viral success. Networks she has produced and/or directed for include the National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. The Bus, a short film she produced and wrote, has also been screened at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, Short Shorts Film Festival Asia and Asiana International Short Film Festival, among others.
  • Jarell Mahinay SERENCIO
    Jarell Serencio started his career in 2006 as a head researcher and writer for the longest running TV drama Remembering (Maalaala Mo Kaya). He was under the mentorship of award winning scriptwriters, Ricky Lee and Bing Lao. In 2008, he took on a new journey as an international seafarer which inspired him to create a Filipino-based production company, Man Overboard Productions. His first film, Victor (2012), won Best Short Feature at the most important independent film festival in the Philippines, Cinemalaya. He followed this success with his second short Stars in the City (Mga Bitoon sa Siyudad) which won him the Best Director award at Metro Manila Film Festival. His third short film, City of Gold (Siyudad sa Bulawan), won top awards at the CineFilipino Film Festival 2018.
  • Amir Masoud SOHEILI
    Masoud Soheili is an award-winning filmmaker, festival director and programmer. Having studied cinema in Indonesia and South Korea, he was among the seven most-honored Iranian short filmmakers in 2015 and his second short film Blue-Eyed Boy won 20 international awards from more than 140 international film festivals. Masoud was a member of the juries of Yogya Netpac Asian Film Festival, Viddsee Juree awards in Indonesia, Avanca International Film Festival in Portugal, SAARC Film Festival in Sri Lanka and International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala in India. He is the co-founder and creative director of “Asia Peace Film Festival" in Pakistan.
  • SUM Sithen
    Since 2009, Sum Sithen has mobilized thousands of Cambodian film enthusiasts to build the foundations of their careers through intensive workshops, trips and the Chaktomuk Short Film Festival. His recent projects, including Pram Ang (2014-2016), emphasize family values. He also helped distribute a dozen Cambodian feature titles while managing PuPrum Entertainment in 2016 and 2017. Throughout his career he has attended a local series of script writing and producing workshops. Through Sunflower Film Alliance and his upcoming feature films, he seeks to pave the way for local filmmakers to expand their horizons with international co-productions.
  • Supatcha THIPSENA
    Born in June 1986, in Bangkok, Thailand, Supatcha Thipsena graduated from Chulalongkorn's Faculty of Communication Arts (majored in film). She started as a film writer in the influential Thai film magazine 『BIOSCOPE』. In 2014, she became a general manager of Mosquito Films Distribution, which represents award-winning Southeast Asian cinema. In 2016, she produced a short documentary, DR.K, which was broadcast on Channel News Asia, Singapore. She also worked as a post line producer for feature documentary #BKKY which premiered in Busan, and won the best feature-length award at Hamburg International Queer Film Festival. In 2017, she received the Special Mention Award from Talents Tokyo. She was a festival coordinator at Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival during 2015-2017.
  • TRINH Le Minh Hang
    TRINH Le Minh Hang established Skyline Media in 2013 for film distribution and production, aiming at quality productions with heartfelt stories for the mass audience in Vietnam and international markets. She was the Executive Producer & Producer of Conjuring Spirit (horror, 2014), Exorcism: A Haunted Child (horror, 2015), Kung Fu Pho (action-comedy, 2015), Five Steps of Love (romantic-comedy, 2015) as well as Producer of the co-production between Vietnam, China and Korea, 100 Days of Sunshine (romantic-comedy, 2018). Her works have been commercially released in Vietnam and other countries, and have also received prestigious awards. She is currently attending the International Film Business Academy course at Busan Asian Film School to study film producing.
  • XU Jianshang
    Xu Jianshang is an upcoming producer who graduated from Beijing Film Academy’s directing department, China. She has not only produced and directed several short films but also just produced her first international co-production feature MA·AMA with Indian director Dominic Sangma in 2018. Rapture is her second feature. Currently she studies producing in Busan Asian Film School (AFiS), Korea. She was also a fellow of the Asian Film Academy (AFA), 2014.
  • Abdul ZAINIDI
    Abdul Zainidi is a writer and director who has made several short films on a diverse range of subject matter from horror to documentary to fantasy. His short films have been selected to participate in numerous festivals all around the world including Busan International Short Film Festival and Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. He is an alumni of ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator: FLY, Asian Film Academy (AFA) and the American Film Showcase programmes. This year he took home the Bucheon award for Worm and the Widow at the Network of Asian Fantastic Films BIG gathering in BIFAN.
  • Diego Batara Mahameru
    Diego Batara Mahameru (aka Deo) is an independent Indonesian filmmaker. Deo worked as a journalist and covered several major events in Indonesia. As a filmmaker, he started his career with a short film, Calon (2015). It got selected in several domestic film festivals including Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival, Aceh Film Festival, and Yogyakarta Art Festival. He continued his work with short film The Nameless Boy (2017), which portrays the real situation of demonstrations against the blasphemy case of the former Jakarta governor during the 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election, through the eyes of a boy. The film was selected in many international film festivals such as Singapore International Film Festival, Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival, and Bali International Film Festival.
  • Fauzan ABDILLAH
    Born in Surabaya in 1988, Fauzan ABDILLAH is chief of Independent Film Surabaya (infis).ABDILLAH studied Educational Technology at University State of Surabaya and has attended various master classes and studied film as a cultural activist at Auckland University of Technology. He also taught film majors at two universities in Surabaya. His short film in 2006 won Best Film and Best Director at East Java Students Film Festival. His filmography includes: That Day (2006), Surabaya Romantaste (2008), Me+Surabaya (2012), Suroboyo Bridge (2016), Gamo~ (2017). ABDILLAH is Now Ready for Your West l My Eastwhich will be his most anticipated commercial feature film debut.
  • Nurain ABDULLAH
    Nurain ABDULLAH, a co-founder of Regalblue Production company in Brunei, has been actively producing film and TV programs since 2002. With the vision to develop the Brunei film industry, Regalblue Production produced a feature film What’s So Special about Rina in 2013 and a Brunei-Lao PDR co-production film RINA2 in 2017. Both films were well-received locally and were invited to several international film festivals. ABDULLAH is a Thai-Chinese citizen of Brunei, Mass Communication graduate, and has been living in Brunei since 1997.
  • Venkat AMUDHAN
    Venkat AMUDHAN is a writer and director. He is an alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute. Zero is his debut feature in development. The film was in the IT Project market at Network of Asian Fantastic Films(NAFF) at the 21st Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. In 2016, he directed-executive produced Nautical Narratives of India, a TV documentary. He is also the writer-director of Rat (2013) and Aham (2012). Thug Beram (2011) got him the Sonje Award at the 16th Busan International Film Festival, National Award for Students Film (2013) and was screened at the 42nd International Film Festival of India, Goa. For more information, please visit
  • Hkawn Mai Aung
    Hkawn Mai Aung works as a producer in Niyyayana Creative Content Co. Ltd., which is under the umbrella of Forever Group, one of the only two private media company groups in Myanmar. She started her career in film industry in 2016, working as an assistant producer in a drama series called Egowhich is now showing in Myanmar. In 2017, she took responsible for another drama series called Honey Pond as a producer, which will be shown in January 2018.
  • DO Manh Tuan
    DO Manh Tuan graduated from the Film Studies Program by Ford Foundation. He then started his career as a screenwriter and produced short films in the capacity of writer, director and producer. Thereafter he worked as a freelancer for independent film projects such as Bi, Don’t Be Afraid which won the SACD Prize for best screenplay, ACID/CCAS Prize at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival in 2010 and Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories. He also line produced several commercials. He attended the Asian Film Academy 2010 as a Producer.
  • Saken JOLDAS
    Saken JOLDAS is a filmmaker from Kazakhstan whose debut feature film On i Ona (Him & Her) was a commercial success, finishing No.1 for 2013 domestic box office. His second feature project Animal Instinct is a psychological thriller about veteran police detective who is assigned a school murder case to discover that one of the witnesses is his estranged daughter, and as the investigation unfolds, he realizes how little he knows about his daughter.
  • KIM Jaeyoung
    A budding producer, KIM Jaeyoung started her career on the film festival circuit. As a member of the programming team at the Jeonju International Film Festival, KIM learned the intricacies of the film industry and the trends in cinema aesthetics while familiarizing herself with the nature of film media. She then joined the Busan International Film Festival, where her work experiences provided her with a good grasp of trends in the international film market and the positioning of films in the global industry. Currently, she is a fellow at the Busan Asian Film School, expanding her producing skills to produce feature-length narratives.
  • LEE Yonghee
    LEE Yonghee graduated from Kookmin University in Korea. Since he was university student, he has made many films as a director and a producer and he joined the 37thDEGREE production as a producer in 2014. He has worked on many commercial videos including those commissioned by Hyundai, Google, Tencent and Samsonite’s adverting videos. He recently started producing films including the short film Good News (2016), directed by Giovanni FUMU and invited to the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, The Orizzonti Short Film Competition.
  • LEE Yve Vonn
    Picking up skills and sense from the television industry, LEE Yve Vonn has also been involved in film producing since 2010. Her works have travelled to Cannes Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Asian Television Awards. She is currently developing several feature film projects supported by Taipei Golden Horse Film Project Promotion, Link of Cine-Asia by Busan Film Commission and Malaysian government film grants.
    Sumudu MALALAGAMA is a director & producer who has a film academic background from Sri Lanka. She has represented Sri Lanka at LV Prasad Academy India in 2012 and at the Youth Film forum in Film and Television Institute India NSFA in 2015. She has been involved in filmmaking since 2009 and her name is credited and awarded as a short film director and also credited as a producer for the award-winning short films and the feature film titled IKKA (2016) by Kaushalya Madhawa Pathirana.
  • Kaze NG Qin Ying
    Kaze NG Qin Ying graduated from Taiwan Shih Hsin university. She joined 3Hsound Studio as an audio engineer in 2007. She then started her production career in 2009 after she came back to Malaysia. She has played the role of production Manager and line producer in numerous local movies and TV commercials. Recent movies that she produced as line producer are Mrs.K by Ho YuHang, and Shuttle Life by Tan Seng Kiat.
  • Amado OCAMPO
    Amado OCAMPO began his career as a technical staff at a local independent production house in the Philippines until moving into other responsibilities in production, creatives and post-production. Presently, he is working as a producer and director for TVCs, TV shows and digital campaigns for various production houses and advertising agencies in the Philippines and regional clients in Thailand, Korea and Australia. In 2014, he was an assistant director for the first Korea-Philippines full-length film, Seoul Mates. Last year, he co-directed Ponching’s New Family full-length feature film entry for the Cinemalaya Film Festival Philippines.
  • Thanouphet ONMAVONG
    Thanouphet ONMAVONG graduated from Urban Planning at National University of Laos and master of architecture at Chulalongkorn University. He is a teacher at faculty of architecture and run a production company in Lao PDR. He produced 2 short films on love story and 3 short documentary films screening at Vientianale Film Festival and Chaktomuk Short Film Festival.
  • PARK Sungho
    PARK Sungho was born in Seoul, Korea in 1977. He majored in Film Editing at the Cinematography Department at Chung-Ang University. From 2007 to 2013, he worked full-time for the Busan International Film Festival and served as a program coordinator for Asian cinema and manager for the Asian Film Academy. In addition, he attended and worked for various film festivals as a buyer, programmer, juror and advisor. Having traveled to 40 countries, he settled in Cambodia in 2013. PARK is currently a programmer for the Cambodia International Film Festival and is working to promote Cambodian cinema globally.
  • Nutthapon RAKKHATHAM
    Nutthapon RAKKHATHAM (a.k.a Turk) is a filmmaker from Thailand. His debut short film My Grandfather’s Photobook (2015) won the Vichitmatra award from the 19th Thai Short Film and Video Festival. In 2016, his short film A Little Tiger (2016) was officially selected for an award nomination at the Busan International Film Festival and Singapore International Film Festival.
  • SO Chandara
    Having acquired two Master degrees in Entrepreneurship and Project Management from Lyon 2 and Lille University, France in 2016, SO Chandara is an emerging independent film producer from Cambodia. He was a senior film commissioner at the Cambodian Film Commission for six years and has been involved in over 60 local and foreign film productions, including fiction and feature length documentary films per year. He has worked as a production assistant on a Netflix produced film First They Killed My Father by Angelina Jolie as well as the Oscar-nominated film The Missing Picture, which received the “Un Certain Regard” award.
  • Komeil SOHEILI
    Komeil SOHEILI is a freelance filmmaker and producer. He works as a director in Simiya-Film company and has attended various film festivals including the Fajr International Film Festival where he was nominated as best director. He has experiences in cooperating with various channels such as National Geographic, VPRO, IRIB among others. He acquired an Master of Arts degree in Cultural Studies and Media from the University of Teheran.
  • Carol Shu Tjin THAM
    Carol Shu Tjin THAM is a producer with mm2 entertainment and was a fellow at Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) in 2017 and a participant of Fantastic Film School in Bucheon International Film Festival 2017. During her time with mm2 entertainment, she has produced numerous commercials and short films as well as feature length content. She was the associate producer for 4Love, an omnibus feature screened at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2016 and released theatrically in December 2016. She was also producer for Uplift, a telemovie recently aired on Starhub cable TV in August 2017.
  • VAI Yik Pun
    VAI Yik Pun graduated with a Master of Science degree in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He directed and produced different short films: Letters from the White Mountain, Eclipse, Toilet Paper, which were officially selected by different international film festivals including the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Lyon Asian Film Festival among others. Mini Movie International has offered a five-year non-exclusive worldwide distribution deal to his short film Toilet Paper (2006). In 2008, he was also selected as a fellow of the Asian Film Academy organized by the Busan International Film Festival.
  • Jamyang Jamtsho WANGCHUK
    When Jamyang WANGCHUK was fourteen, he was chosen to play the young Dalai Lama in Seven Years in Tibet (1997). As he grew, this introduction to filmmaking stayed with him. Although he loved movies and storytelling, a career in filmmaking in Bhutan was not an option. He, therefore, chose to study law but eventually became a tour guide, which opened his eyes to the rich oral tradition of the country. He was truly inspired to share the stories that fascinated him, hidden within the mountains. He wrote, produced, acted and directed his debut feature Gyalsey, Legacy of a Prince (2015) to discover his strengths