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  • Munkhkhishig.D
    Munkhkhishig Dashtseren
    Munkhkhishig Dashtseren is an emerging screenwriter, film producer, and literary translator from Mongolia. She penned the original story for the award-winning short film "DANCER" (2023) by Nomin Gantulga. Additionally, she contributed as a line producer for "NAKED BULB" (2020) by Zoljargal Purevdash, selected for the Spotlight section of the Osaka Asian Film Festival. In 2023, she graduated from the International Film Business Academy of the Busan Asian Film School.
  • 2023_member_Nguyen Hong Quan
    Nguyen Hong Quan
    Nguyen Hong Quan is a professional lecturer as the Head of Directing Course at the Cinema Department, Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema with 18 years of experience in teaching film students. Before that, he worked as a sound designer. He also work as an independent filmmaker in the role of a producer and also a director. He have completed graduate studies in The DOC NOMADS Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD)., a two-year, full-time, international graduate program (120 ECTS) delivered by a consortium of three prominent European universities across three countries: Portugal, Hungary, and Belgium. In 2023, he finished Film Producing Course at Film Business Academy, Busan Asian Film School (AFiS), Korea. His first feature-length film project "Uncle Van" was selected for The 27th Asian Project Market, Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 2023.
  • Haziqah Azemi
    Haziqah Azemi
    Haziqah Azemi is an emerging film producer and writer from Malaysia. She brings 7 years of advertising strategy expertise from servicing clients at DDB Malaysia and Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia to co-found film production company Kapsul Studio Sdn. Bhd. with writer-director Cech Adrea. She is Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) International Film Business Academy 2023 alumna, and is currently working on her debut feature film titled Garek.
  • Bavaneedha Loganathan
    Bavaneedha Loganathan
    Bavaneedha Loganathan, a self-taught independent filmmaker and producer based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, shines brightly on the global film stage. Her remarkable journey has seen her grace esteemed international platforms, including the London PSVI Film Festival, Berlinale Talents 2020, Global Media Makers - Film Independent, Asia Pacific Screen Lab, Busan Asian Film School, BIFAN Fantastic Film School, West Meet East Script Lab, and Pakistan Qalambaaz Script Lab. With an innate connection to the world of cinema, Bavaneedha delves deep into the human experience, using her craft to amplify the often unheard voices of women. Her talent has not only garnered international recognition but has also been adorned with prestigious awards for her compelling short films. A true trailblazer, Bavaneedha proudly holds the distinction of being the first woman filmmaker from the underrepresented Tamil Plantation community within the Indian Diaspora, standing as a prominent BIPOC women filmmaker in Sri Lanka. Bavaneedha's journey began in the television industry, where she carved a prolific path as a television producer. Having produced over 1000 TV shows, she earned national acclaim with prestigious awards. Transitioning into the advertising industry, she became a pioneer as the young and first Tamil woman producer of her time, leaving an indelible mark by producing commercials and documentaries. As a film producer and dedicated activist, Bavaneedha is the visionary founder of 'Big Eyes Cinemas,' a film consultation, production, and distribution company in Colombo. This platform is committed to representing marginalized voices in both films and comics. Her company has not only secured several local grants but has also spearheaded significant projects, with three feature films currently in development in international labs, backed by international grants. Her company has initiated international co-productions between Asia and Europe. As a film activist, she stands as a beacon of hope for the revival of the war-ravaged Tamil industry. Through community filmmaking initiatives and educational programs in rural areas, she empowers people with the magic of cinema and animation. In addition to her roles as a filmmaker and producer, Bavaneedha excels as a national award-winning television presenter, voice actress, and creative writer.
  • 2023_member_KristineDeLeon
    Kristine De Leon
    Kristine DE LEON is a Filipina producer who started her career in the industry as an Operations Officer at the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), the country’s premier government agency for film. She helped pioneer and manage its international co-production funds before finally deciding to start producing her own films. She served as a producer for "Dosena" (2021), directed by Kyla Romero, which earned a nomination for Best Short Film at the locally renowned Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards. Furthermore, she also served as the producer for the short film "Hinakdal" (2023), which modestly received recognition at the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival in the Philippines, securing titles such as Best Screenplay, Audience Award, and Netpac Award. She is currently the delegate producer of Arvin Belarmino’s first feature Ria, about a Filipina punk musician who enters the illegal porn industry to make ends meet for herself and her surrogate family – developed at the 2022 Festival de Cannes La Résidence, awarded the National Centre for Cinema and Animation (CNC) Pitch Award, and developed further at Produire au Sud and La Fabrique Cinéma de l'Institut français where they won the Sorfond award. She is also the producer for Arjanmar H. Rebeta’s Pinya Milagrosa, about a mother’s search for her missing child on an isolated island where locals are worshiping a pineapple (SGIFF Southeast Asian Lab). She is also an associate producer of Sze-Wei Chan’s Tens Across the Borders, which traces the journeys of three Southeast Asian dancers as they walk their way towards self-acceptance (Cannes Docs, DMZ Development Fund, Busan’s Asian Documentary Fund, and Purin Pictures.) De Leon is an alumna of 2023 International Film Business Academy (IFBA) Program of the Busan Asian Film School and the Produire au Sud Workshop in Nantes, France, where she studied the foundations of international co-productions and sales. Recently, she was selected to participate in the Asian Producer’s Network in Singapore International Film Festival 2023. Kristine embraces her newfound role as a mother, cherishing her daughter as the most exquisite masterpiece of her life.
  • Eleanor Teh
    Eleanor Teh
    ELEANOR TEH, a Malaysian Producer, graduated with a BSc in Accounting and Finance from the UK. With a keen interest and passion for filmmaking and utilizing her degree to the fullest, she set out to produce, frequently portrays characters seeking closure from traumatic pasts. Her first produced short, Forget Me Not (2019) won awards and screenings at Jaffna International Cinema Festival (2019), Seashorts Film Festival (2019), and Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (2019). In 2020, her second produced short, Burung-Burung (2020) premiered at Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival (2020) and garnered the Jury Prize Award at the Mini Film Festival (2021). Her latest short film, Don't Get Too Close To That Edge (2023), won the Canon Short Film Contest 2023 - Grand Prize. Currently developing two feature films titled Under Foreign Skies (MY) by Anwar Johari Ho and Paper Tiger (SG) by Regina Teo, she is also an alumnus of the inaugural Malaysian Development Lab for Fiction Feature Films (mylab) in 2022 and an alumnus of Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) in 2023.
  • Fazle Hasan Shishir
    Fazle Hasan Shishir
    Fazle Hasan Shishir is a Bangladeshi producer-director, currently based in Burlington, VT, USA and Dhaka, Bangladesh. He goes by his last name. Shishir's filmography spans over a period of twelve years in various fields of practical filmmaking serving numerous short films, documentaries, and commercials as a cinematographer, editor, director and producer. His producing credit includes film like MUKULER JADUR GHORA (2021), CAFE DESIRE (2022), AN IMAGINARY INTERVIEW (2023). WHISPERS OF A THIRSTY RIVER (2024) and THE BLIND GIRL AND AN ELEPHANT (2024) are his upcoming projects as an Associate Producer. SURAIYA AND TULSHIMALA are his project-in-development. SURAIYA was officially selected for the Asian Project Market 2023 at the 28th Busan International Film Festival. Shishir hails from a Dhaka based production company cum creative hub called the Ratherhood Initiatives. He has a special interest for experimental and challenging narratives.
  • 2023_member_RahulAijaz
    Rahul Aijaz
    Rahul Aijaz is a writer, filmmaker, producer, and former journalist based in Karachi, Pakistan. He has written directed and produced three short films and he mostly works in Sindhi language in order to revive and promote Sindhi cinema in Pakistan. His directorial debut feature film ‘Indus Echoes’, which is currently in post-production, is the first ever co-production between Pakistan and Korea as well as Pakistan’s first Sindhi feature film in over 26 years. In 2020, Aijaz wrote, directed, and produced a short film 'A Train Crosses the Desert', which was Pakistan's first ever Sindhi film to screen at international film festivals such as Kazan IFF (Russia), South Asian IFF (NYC, USA) and Jaipur IFF (India). In 2023, Aijaz began developing his second feature film ‘The Last Ajrak Maker’ at the seven-month long International Film Business Academy residency at the Busan Asian Film School. He was also among the 14 Asian producers chosen to participate in the Asian Producers Network program at the 34th Singapore International Film Festival 2023. Since 2019, Aijaz has been a part of several other filmmaking, screenwriting and producing fellowships such as: Goethe-Institute Pakistan’s Episodic TV Writing workshops (2022-2023) and Film Talents II - Voices from Pakistan and Afghanistan fellowship (2019-2021), and ‘Pakistani Cinema: 7 & a Half’ residency program for LBF Virtual Museum (2022) by Lahore Biennale Foundation and British Council Pakistan. Besides filmmaking, Aijaz has worked as a culture journalist in South Korea and Pakistan and has extensively covered the Pakistani cinema, music, theater, as well as sports and gaming. He has written over 900 articles published across the US, South Korea, India, Malaysia, and Pakistan. Aijaz currently runs Film N' Chips Media Productions, a media company he founded in 2021. He also teaches History of Filmmaking and Content Distribution & Promotion at Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi.
  • Regina Teo
    Regina Teo
    Regina Teo is a producer and writer based in Singapore. In 2021, she obtained a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, specialising in Broadcast and Cinema Studies with a Minor in Modern Languages (Korean). Regina produced her final year project NIGHT BLOOM (2021), which was selected for film festivals including the 2021 Toronto International Women Film Festival. She then worked at Little Red Ants Creative Studio, producing various corporate and commercial videos. She was a 2023 fellow of the International Film Business Academy at Busan Asian Film School, before doing an internship at Hive Filmworks Inc, a Korean production house specialising in international co-production, sales and IP management. Regina is currently working as an independent filmmaker.
  • Prabin Kumar Rawat
    Prabin Kumar Rawat
    Prabin started his career as a production manager and line producer in films, TVC, and documentaries while still pursuing his film studies in Nepal. Since then, he co-founded Cryptid Films and produced short films, uncovering hidden narratives from unexplored realms within Nepali society, environmental challenges and the urgent need for sustainability. He produced A YEAR (Telluride 2017) by Jisun Jamie Lee, BLACK GOAT (Austin 2019) by Tang Yi, Yet Another Winter (Busan 2021), Wheels On The Bus (Berlinale 2022) and as a line producer LORI (Cannes, 2022), where it won the special mention award. His directorial debut short " KALAM” premiered in Busan IFF 2019. An alumnus of the Asian Producer Network at SGIFF 2022 and Busan Asian Film School (AFiS), Prabin is currently developing multiple projects, including the feature film "Messengers of The Gods," developed in AFiS 2023.
  • Gina Tan
    Gina Tan
    Gina Tan is an independent filmmaker from Singapore. She graduated from Chapman University Singapore with a B.F.A in Creative Producing. While in school, her short documentary “Transit” won the Prestigious Cecil Awards in Chapman University (USA) and was an official selection for the Singapore International Film Festival. Upon graduation, Gina worked her way up as a 1st assistant director for features, television series and commercials. Her work as 1st AD took her to different countries - China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. She especially loves working and learning from the different cultures. She produced “The Drum”, which was in competition at the 2017 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. The film also won the 2018 Viddsee Jury Gold Awards. She was selected as the Singapore producer for JJ Lin’s music video. The video garnered millions of views. Her foray into telemovies resulted in "Rise," now available on Netflix. Raising funds through Kickstarter, she directed and co-produced “Pencil” , a short film inspired by true events and the film won both Best Film and Best Screenplay at the NYFA Singapore Awards. Gina was one the trainees selected for the BFI mentorship programme. In 2023, Gina was nominated by the Singapore Film Commission to be part of the Rotterdam Producer’s Lab. A fellow at the Busan Asian Film School (AFiS), she's developing two feature films, “Us, For Now” and “Paper Tiger” , both reflecting her commitment to women-centred themes and influenced by her experience working in China.
  • Nayomi Apsara
    Nayomi Apsara
    Nayomi Apsara is an Executive Producer with Lyca Productions, director, published author, poet, and curator. In 2021, she made her entry into the literary world with her debut poetry collection titled 'Throw Me Mountains.' Nayomi is featured author of Galle Literary Festival 2024 and a panelist at the New Ink Literary Forum in 2022. As a filmmaker, Nayomi's debut short film, 'The Tea is Cold' (2022), was recognized at the Busan International Short Film Festival, where it had its Asian premiere, and at the Jaffna International Cinema Festival. Nayomi is a fellow of the International Film Business Academy in 2023 at Busan Asian Film School, South Korea. She was also a fellow at Curatorial Intensive South Asia in 2018, at Khoj International Artists' Association in New Delhi, India. In addition to her achievements in the arts, Nayomi also has expertise in commercial writing and advertising. Before pursuing filmmaking and the arts, she spent over 15 years in the corporate sector in Sri Lanka and overseas.
  • Tanveer Hossain
    Tanveer Hossain
    Tanveer Hossain is an emerging film producer-writer from Bangladesh. He also works as the Executive director in Green Screen, a production company based in dhaka. His debut project, "The Wrestler" has already garnered recognition by winning the prestigious New Currents Award in Busan International Film Festival 2023. Earlier, the project won the National film grant of Bangladesh 2021. Tanveer's other endeavors have also gained attention and secured invitations to esteemed events such as the Cannes Co-production Day, NFDC Film Bazaar Co-production Market, Produire Au Sud etc. Several short films produced by Tanveer have been officially selected for various festivals, further highlighting his talent and the quality of his work. For the local industry, he has produced & written hundreds of TV dramas and a few TV commissioned short films. In addition to his film projects, currently, he is in the process of writing a graphic novel series KAPTAN, with the first issue set to be published soon. Alongside his film projects, he works as one of the writers at SHIKI Publications, a local publication for youth. To enhance his skills and knowledge in film production, Tanveer has graduated from International Film Business Academy (IFBA), a fellowship program of Busan Asian Film School (AFiS), 2023 and won the Prestigious ‘Busan Film Commission Award’ for his outstanding performance during the fellowship. Tanveer has won the Best Screenplay Award at the West Meets East Screenplay Lab 2024 for one of his projects, RED LIGHTS BLUE ANGELS out of 109 screenplays from all over South Asia , which he is currently developing as a writer and producer. Additionally, he has been selected for the Qalambaaz Screenplay Lab with the same project. Tanveer's dedication to his craft is evident through his active participation in workshops and industry events. He took part in the Asian Project Market 2022 in Busan, South Korea, Producing Workshop at the NFDC Film Bazaar 2022. He is also an alumnus of Asian Producer’s Network (APN) and Produire Au Sud. From the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT), Tanveer was invited in China as one of the Bangladeshi delegates to participate in the Film and Television Program Production and Distribution Seminar of the Silk Road Countries in Beijing and the 4th Silk Road International Film Festival in Fuzhou. Besides that he has actively participated in film festivals like Busan International Film Festival, International Film Festival of India, Goa, Busan International Short Film Festival, Singapore International Film Festival.
  • Nadine Asmar
    Nadine Asmar
    Nadine Asmar is a Lebanese filmmaker. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Cinema and TV from the Lebanese University - Fine Arts Institute II and her Master’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from Paris 1 University Panthéon-Sorbonne. She's currently pursuing her PhD in Film Studies at the University of Western Brittany in France. She has written and directed several short films, including the two award-winning shorts, The Blind of the Cathedral (2015) and Perhaps Today... (2017). She gained experience by working in short and feature films including the two Academy Award-nominated Lebanese films, The Insult (2017) and Capernaum (2018), and the upcoming Matty Brown feature debut, The Sand Castle. Nadine is a co-founder and producer at MovieTailor Pictures, a film production and distribution company based in Lebanon. She's also developing several projects as a producer, including the recently released Pakistani short documentary, In Zainab's Heaven (2023). Additionally, she works as a film programmer and curator at several film festivals, and is an alumna of Talents Beirut (Berlinale Talents), Beirut-Locarno Industry Academy International, and Impact Lab Lebanon/Syria.
  • Hongwei Wu
    Hongwei Wu
    Hongwei Wu, a Chinese producer based in China and the United States, is a Columbia University Film Creative Producing program MFA graduate; a fellow of the Busan Asian Film School's International Film Business Academy. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia with a second major in Communication and Media. As an independent producer, her portfolio includes over 50 short films across China and the US, with producer credit highlights such as "Fishtank”, honored with the 2022 Tribeca X Chanel Through Her Lens Grand Prize; "Tuo Tuo," winner of the Jury Prize at Sundance Asia, and "One for Sorrow, Two for Joy," recipient of the Short Film Jury Prize at the Austin Film Festival and qualified for the Academy Awards nomination. Currently, Hongwei is developing her first feature film, "Aynur," a project nurtured in Busan Asian Film School, and the CFDG Youth Director Support Program in China, with support from Chinese Guide of Director. During her journey in the film industry, Hongwei has undertaken roles such as a film development intern at Three Body Universe(North America), which developed "Three Body" for Netflix, and a film development intern at The Gotham Film & Media Institute. Her passion for exploration extends beyond filmmaking, as she has traveled extensively worldwide, drawing inspiration from the diversity of the world and the common threads that unite humanity. Hongwei's cinematic aspirations lie in creating films that explore the dimensions of space, time, and the human experience.
  • Armin Rahiminezhad
    Armin Rahiminezhad
    Armin Rahiminezhad, an emerging producer and director in Iran, embarked on his professional journey through the long-term filmmaking course at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society while pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering. Then for graduate studies, he ventured into the realm of arts. Choosing dramatic literature for his master, he graduated as the top student from Iran's premier cinema university, propelling him into the professional film industry and facilitating further growth. Alongside teaching, writing acclaimed works, and producing multiple films for aspiring young filmmakers, he dedicated himself to creating short films. His short films made waves at over 40 international festivals. Furthermore, he collaborated with various advertising companies as a director, writer, or production manager. After graduating from AFIS, he founded his own company, Indieroar Films, with the goal of facilitating film production for independent Iranian filmmakers, and in a short period, the company has successfully produced multiple narrative and documentary films. Additionally, it endeavors to provide post-production supervision services, aiming to leverage the overlooked capacities of Iran for international co-production projects.
  • Prem Prasad Adhikary
    Prem Prasad Adhikary
    Prem Prasad Adhikary is a Nepal based Independent producer and founder of boutique production company Simal Cinema. An alumnus of Oscar International College (2014), Produire au Sud (2020) and Busan Asian Film School (2022). His credits as a producer include; Junko( 2021), short fiction screened at Fribourg, Torino, POFF Shorts Tallinn Black Nights film festival and Drama ISFF, The Mirage ( 2021), short fiction screened at Raindance film festival, Divination (2021), short fiction screened at Film School Fest Munich, London Short film festival, Religion Today Film Festival and Svaneti International Film festival, and Confusion( 2020) short fiction screened at Shorts Mexico, Vancouver, Tasveer South Asian Film Festival. His upcoming short films,The Witness Tree, A Bleak Home, and ,The Black Stone, are currently in post production phase. His projects in development include; The Flowers of Wild Sugarcane, feature fiction by Santosh Dahal and, Summer of Goodbyes, short fiction by Minsho Limbu.
  • Fatima Al-Absi
    Fatima Al-Absi
    Fatima Al-Absi is a Yemeni independent filmmaker and editor.
  • Hajah Amal Nabilah Binti Haji Jumat
    Hajah Amal Nabilah Binti Haji Jumat
    Amal is known as the Highly-dynamic and curious aspiring Filmmaker with over 5 years of visual storytelling experience in Producing, Script-writing and directing video content under various production houses. She wrote the Best Short Film Award winner for MOU AKSI 2018, Lumrah Dania. In 2019, she was appointed as Brunei's Talent Coordinator and Production Manager for TvN & Studio Dragon Netflix Series, Arthdal Chronicles, later produced and co-written winner of Film Blitz 2019 Islamic Category Short Film, Mereka. Her projects in development includes an omnibus feature film titled 'Sekubit' (A Part of Something), a family drama showcasing the generational struggle of love and relationship in Brunei; a 15 Episode Reality Cooking Show Competition Series titled 'Open Dapur' for Radio Television Brunei; and A slice-of-life drama feature by Khai Anwar titled Another Day.
  • Aakash Chhabra
    Aakash Chhabra
    Aakash Chhabra is a director and screenwriter based in New Delhi, India. He studied Producing for Film at Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute, Kolkata. He is an alumnus of Locarno Documentary School 2019, Ji.hlava Academy 2021 and Kyoto Filmmakers Lab 2021. His debut short fiction Mintgumri premiered at the Dharamshala International Film Festival 2021 and received a jury citation at the Toto Award for Short Film 2022. His next short film An Ordinary Day made as part of Nagari Bioscope on Cities and Khavn's Film Poetry Workshop screened on the channel of International Short Film Festival Oberhausen in April 2022 as part of New Poetic Cinema. He is a recipient of reFrame Institute of Art & Expression 2021-22 film fellowship for his film essay A Winter's Elegy. I'll Smile in September, his debut feature fiction in early development, is the winner of Cineuropa X EUFF A Journey to Europe Screenwriting Lab 2021.
  • Ping-Yu CHIU
    Ping-Yu CHIU
    Ping-Yu CHIU started her career as a production coordinator in many feature films and documentaries in Taiwan. Since 2017 she has served as the International Development Manager of Taipei Film Commission. She conceptualizes and implements international marketing strategies for Taipei’s film industry. She also represents the Commission in film markets around the globe. In addition, she also serves as the Head of Programs at Taipei Film Academy, it has proven to be one of the most promising film talent training programs within the region. She is now an independent producer.
  • Sam Chua Weishi
    Sam Chua Weishi
    Sam CHUA Weishi is a film producer born and based in Singapore. She started making films at New York University Tisch School of the Arts in 2017, producing thesis film set in World War II 442: THE NISEI SOLDIERS by Ryosuke HOSHIYAMA (2022, 23 minutes). Following her return home, she continued to produce music videos, commercials and short films in America, Singapore and Malaysia. She recently worked with writer-director HAN Feng Yu on MORNING ELSEWHERE (2020, 29 minutes) and Grace SONG on MORNING GLORY (2021, 13 minutes). She took part in the IF/Then Southeast Asia 2020 short documentary development lab by In-Docs and Tribeca Film Institute and Objectifs Short Film Incubator 2020 with Natalie KHOO on SHE WHO DREAMS OF STATUES. Her first feature film PIERCE by Nelicia LOW is in post-production, and she is developing SEVENTEEN by Cheryl Yehan WONG (Talents Tokyo 2022) and MIDNIGHT BLUE SPRINGS by Giselle LIN (Locarno Residency 2022 Award Winner). She is presently a fellow at the Busan Asian Film School.
  • Carmina Cruz
    Carmina Cruz
    Mina Cruz is an actor and filmmaker from Bulacan, Philippines. She created The DistantPlay Project, a platform to collaborate with actors and depict the plight of Filipinos during the Covid-19 lockdowns, that received a story fellowship grant from Better Engagement Between East and SouthEast Asia in 2021. She directed and produced the short films Recurrencia (awarded 2nd Place at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Gawad Alternatibo Experimental Category), Our Redirected Hopes, Lanie and Leaving the Raven's Nest. She is drawn to stories challenging gender biases. Currently, Cruz is developing Sea Lullabies (short film) and The Forgotten (feature).
  • Tsengel Davaasambuu
    Tsengel Davaasambuu
    Tsengel Davaasambuu (PhD) is a Mongolian film producer and distributor. She is also professor of Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture. She is NETPAC Mongolian only member since 2015. Now she actively travels around the film market and festivals. She used to study in USA CalState LA, Cheongju University as a Korean Government Scholarship and Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture and got her PhD. Previously worked as a jury Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, CineMalaya, Hanoi International film festival, SCO film festival, Asiatica, Busan International Youth and Kids film festival, Religion today in 2022 and BIFF. Therefore, she has proved her workforce potential through her contributions in the development of film industry and desires further assistance and support.
  • Hasantha Prabhoothi Dissanayake
    Hasantha Prabhoothi Dissanayake
    Hasantha Dissanayake is a filmmaker from Sri Lanka. He graduated BA (Hons) in Film and Television with First Class from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. He has also received a Diploma in Filmmaking from The National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka. He made several fiction short films and documentaries as a director, producer and screenwriter. He has won several international awards for his short films and he has participated in several international film festivals. He also works as an assistant director in the Sri Lankan film industry. He is the co-founder, creative director and creative producer of the production company MOV Gallery Productions. He is a fellow of the 2022 International Film Business Academy at Busan Asian Film School in South Korea.
  • Siti Seri Leila Imelda Farrah Zohre Haji Abdullah
    Siti Seri Leila Imelda Farrah Zohre Haji Abdullah
    IMELDA is a Production Manager for Visual Dimensions Production company in Brunei. Started her career as a local actress since 2006 and was a former newspaper journalist for over 10 years. Actively writing and producing several local tv programs for Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB); Authority for Info Communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) and local OTTs. Visual Dimensions Production produced an action-comedy feature film entitled PRIMAJAYA in 2016 and has been well-received locally. IMELDA is also a Professional Communications and The Media graduates from University Brunei Darussalam.
  • Andrei Karoly Hernandez
    Andrei Karoly Hernandez
    Andrei Karoly Hernandez (Amaya Han) is a pioneering alumna and Cum Laude of the University of San Carlos - Fine Arts in Cinema Program (2015); alumna of the Bing Lao Found Story Screenwriting Workshop (2016); alumna of the Sundance Institute (Sundance Collab) Film Producing Course (2021); selected participant for the Film Development Council of the Philippines - Make the Cut Workshop (2016); and a Philippine representative for the ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator Program (2015), FLY in Higashikawa Program (2016), Platform Busan at the Busan International Film Festival (2017), Kyoto Filmmakers Lab Masters Session (2022), and Event Safety Alliance Summit (2022). Recently, Amaya is selected as a participant for both the SHOTS: Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training for Audiovisual Companies (2021) and the Training of Trainers Program (2022) by the Film Development Council of the Philippines and Occupational Safety and Health Center of the Philippines; as a participant for the ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership RESET Program (2021); and for the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs of the U.S. Embassy - American Spaces Philippines. She is currently taking up her Master in Business Administration at the University of Mindanao, and studying International Film Producing at the Busan Asian Film School International Film Business Academy. Aside from her current projects-in-development, she is currently part of the Zsofi Film Festival Alliance, a premium film festival group which handles over 12 film festivals across Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Canada, as their Junior Festival Administrator (Pre-Selection Jury); and is the founding Chairperson of the Filmmakers Guild of SOCSKSARGEN (FGSOX) in General Santos City, Philippines.
  • Vaibhav Ingole
    Vaibhav Ingole
    Vaibhav Ingole is a filmmaker, screenwriter and producer based out of Mumbai, India. He is an alumnus of Scottish Documentary Institute and the Crossing Borders Program Conducted by Documentary Campus & European Documentary Network where his project Climbing Uphill was developed in South Korea and was later pitched at Leipzig Networking Days in Germany, Docedge Kolkata and Good Pitch India. He recently Co-Directed a Korean Documentary on Korean war veterans, Previously, he has worked on a number of ad films, PSAs and Marathi feature films in various creative capacities. He has also worked on a documentary with a French production company for Voyage Channel. He has worked with startups like Upgrad, CleverTap etc.. as a freelancer providing filmmaking services, On the side, Vaibhav is currently developing a feature length screenplay which he intends to direct as well.
  • Mustafa Bin Javed
    Mustafa Bin Javed
    Mustafa Bin Javed is an independent producer, director and screenwriter from Pakistan. He is an alumnus at the 2022 International Film Business Academy, Busan Asian Film School, South Korea. Currently, he is studying film at a Master’s level at the University of Utah, United States of America. His film SCAMS OF ONLINE EDUCATION has been to 2022 Busan International Short Film Festival and Gandhara Independent Film Festival 2022. He is mainly interested in making documentaries and narrative films based on crime, love, and drama. He aims to touch tabooed subject matters and share unheard stories through the art of filmmaking.
  • Astrid Josephine Johanna
    Astrid Josephine Johanna
    Astrid Saerong obtained her degree in Cinematography and also International Business. She worked in various roles and featured with several renowned filmmakers in the Indonesian film industry such as: Lucky Kuswandi, Kamila Andini, Riri Riza, Edwin, and Wregas Bhanutedja as an assistant director, post- production manager, distribution manager, and promotion coordinator. Ever since, Astrid has produced numerous short films including ʻ The Flower and The Beeʼ and ʻSleep Tight Mariaʼ (Co- produced) - Winner of Festival Sinema Prancis 2015 along with Monica Vanesa Tedja. In 2020, she produced another Monica Vanessa Tedja short film ʻDear to Me ʼ (Winner of First Cut Film Award for Best Short Animation Film, Germany, and Special Mention Award by the Youth Jury Cinema & Gioventù in Locarno film festival, Switzerland). In 2021 she participated in SGIFF Producer Network, and in 2022 She also got selected in AFIS (Asian Film School Busan) for the intensive program of International Film and Business program. Her project with Monica Vanessa Tedja ‘Dear Family’ also selected for the SGIFF South East Asian Lab, Locarno Open Doors Lab, Cutting Edge Talent Camp Mannheim, and also Full Circle Lab. In 2022, she just finished her newest short film with Rein Maychelson ‘The Rootless Bloom’ and started the distribution process. Now, she is focusing to collaborate and produce a several project with the young new upcoming film director in Indonesia.
  • Maria Danzen Katanyag
    Maria Danzen Katanyag
    Danzen Santos Katanyag is a Writer, Producer and Media Entrepreneur. She co-owns and runs Digital Dreams Inc., an award-winning boutique production company based in Manila, Philippines. The first film she co-produced, "Si Magdalola at ang mga Gago" (Jules Katanyag), won the Jury Prize at the Cinemaone Originals 2016. The second feature she co-produced, "Dog Days" (Timmy Harn) won the NETPAC Jury Award in the QCinema International Film Festival 2018, and has screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam Bright Future Premiere. In 2022, she co-produced "12 Weeks" by Anna Isabelle Matutina, and the film won the NETPAC Jury Award at the Cinemalaya Film Festival and won the Best Actress Trophy for the lead actress, Max Eigenmann. She is currently developing an animated series "Deadboy" with Jules Katanyag (SEASCREEN 2021) and working on her debut film as director and producer. She is a Jury to the Asian Academy Awards and a part-time lecturer in her alma mater. At any given time, she writes, produces and directs entertainment content for global platforms. At present, she is a fellow at the Busan Asian Film School Intensive Program in South Korea.
  • Choi Kin Lee
    Choi Kin Lee
    Founder of Passionate World, an independent film production company, with the vision of "Be Human, Be Passion"! Joey Lee is a committee member of CFAM (Chinese Film Association of Malaysia), selected auditor for NAFF BIFFAN Fantastic Film School and AFiS, Busan Asian Film School fellow of 2021. She has produced several short films - "Still Leaking" selected by KL Eco Film Fest and "Consent 18" BMW Shorties. She is the executive producer for ”Kelinguh" selected for SeaShort 2020. Currently, she is producing “Jaut Mission” selected by APM 2021 and her documentary project is selected by Docs by The Sea 2022 creative producing lab.
  • Yi Jia Lee
    Yi Jia Lee
    Lee Yi Jia is a Singaporean producer, constantly seeking ways to tell unheard stories and incite conversations on new perspectives. Her body of work ranges widely, from documentaries to fiction. Her love for producing kick-started at the age of 17, where she made the short film ‘Closer Apart’ (2013, dir. Jason Lee), which went on to be screened at the Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival. After her education in Communication Studies with a specialisation in Broadcast and Cinema Studies, she began to produce web-serials and micro-documentaries for Singaporean content channel, Not Safe For TV. Her thesis documentary, ‘Bare’ (2019, dir. Martin Loh), explored the taboo topic of nudity in a Singaporean context, and it screened at the Asian Film Archive’s Singapore Shorts Showcase 2019. Together, they run Itchy, a creation house exploring non-fiction projects. In recent years. her short film ‘Tuition’ (2021, dir. Alistair Quak), went on to win the Best Live Action Film and Best Sound Design awards at the National Youth Film Awards 2021. ‘Launder With Care’ (2021, dir. Weiqi Chuah) was one of the top 10 finalists Singapore Mental Health Film Festival, and it screened at the Busan International Short Film Festival, Ganhara Independent Film Festival, and Nolita Film Festival. She was a participant at the 2020 IMDA Producers’ Lab and the 2022 International Film Business Academy at the Busan Asian Film School. As of the autumn of 2022, Yi Jia is developing several film projects with writer-directors such as Grace Song, Benjamin Ang, and Kris Ong.
  • Marvin Lyndon Carmelo Matias
    Marvin Lyndon Carmelo Matias
    Marvin Lyndon Carmelo is a creative producer and director in the Philippines. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Digital Filmmaking. He was immersed in different video installations and video art when he worked in the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, run by the internationally acclaimed curator Joselina Cruz. In 2016, he wrote and directed his thesis film Pader (The Spaces Between Us). He participated in Power Mac Center’s Pixelworx: Cinemansanas Masterclass with Brilliante Mendoza and Digital Short Film Competition. He had worked on a number of production companies and projects ranging from short films, digital ads, feature films, TVCs and documentary films. In April 2019, Marv established his production company Chimera Visions. Commissioned by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in 2021, Marv produced Buhi Ang Tanan, a short documentary film about the Philippine Eagle and the adverse effects of its extinction to the communities in North Cotabato. This project also branched out to more stories. Currently, he’s developing Lasang Ug Lumad, a feature-length documentary which embarks on the arguable conflict between forest conservation and Lumad tribes’ livelihood. Marv was selected by the Film Development Council of the Philippines to participate its first delegation to the Sheffield Doc|Fest 2021. He also participate the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival’s Fantastic Film School 2021. He also attended the Marché Du Film Cannes Producers Network 2021. He has been awarded the 2nd Gawad Balisong: The Search for Outstanding Filipino Jaycees of 2021 for his diligent work on his project in development Lasang Ug Lumad. This year, he was one of the 31 fellows in the Busan Asian Film School for the International Film Business Academy Online Programme 2022.
  • Yuh Rohana Meliala
    Yuh Rohana Meliala
    Yuh Rohana Meliala was born in Medan, Indonesia 1994 and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Universitas Indonesia. She also studied at Busan Asian Film School (AFiS), International Film Business Academy 2022. Her interested in film started when joining a film community at the university, Sinematografi UI. There, she was founding alternative film screening (Layar Kampus) and starting a film festival. From 2017, she found Megalesha Films and began producing short films. Toward the Limit (2017) dir. Jeffri Harianja was screened at SEAxSEA Film Festival, Ngabedahkeun (2017) dir. Luthfan Nur Rochman won Best Screenplay award at Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival in CGV Movie Project. Other short, The Scent of Rat Carcasses (2021) dir. Dharma Putra PN was screened at Singapore International FF, Busan International Short FF, and Ghandara Independent FF. She is currently developing her first feature film. Outside film, she is also a Finance Accounting Supervisor in a multinational marketing & advertising agency, responsible for finance operations for Indonesia & Singapore. In 2021, Yuh was selected to be part of Woman in Film & Photography, Objectifs Singapore. Woman in Film & Photography is an annual programme celebrating extraordinary and groundbreaking works by women photographers and filmmakers, highlighting the important contributions that women make to the arts.
  • Sic Hmuu Naing
    Sic Hmuu Naing
    SIC HMUU NAING is a filmmaker, producer, content creator and owner of Art Surge Film and Toly Moly Production company in Yangon. His first screenplay “INFINITE PAIN” was nominated at the Myanmar Script Fund in Memory Film Festival in 2019. This was his first step towards fulfilling his dream of becoming part of the new breed of Burmese filmmakers. He got selected in AFIS ( Busan Asian Film School ) for the intensive program of international film business academy program. His project “ Infinite Pain “ also selected from Myanmar Script Fund ( Memory Film Festival ). His first short film “ Wallow” was nominated at Memory Film Festival and he got post-production grant from Memory Cinema 2021. He also worked with The Creative Playground as a Producer on a series of corporate videos and short films. In 2019, he founded Art Surge Production and Toly Moly Arts & Entertainment. Now, he is planning to create an online film platform for young filmmakers.
  • Yuichiro Nakada
    Yuichiro Nakada
    After graduating from University of California at Santa Barbara as physics major, he studied astrophysics at Munich University Graduate School in Germany. While working as a research assistant in JAXA, and National Astronomical Observatory in Japan, he took a screen writer’s workshop in Eiga 24ku. In 2018, his debut short film, ‘Goodbye my son’ was selected as an official selection in more than 70 film festivals in the world. In 2019, he participated in the Jidaigeki workshop in Kyoto filmmakers’ lab as a soundman in the Shochiku team. During the filmmaking workshop, he collaborated with the Shochiku production team and other selected members all over the world among 300 applicants. In 2022, his second short film, ‘Gift’ which portrays the family like bond between a Syrian refugee and a solitary Japanese boy will start to be released. Since March 2022, he has been studying in the International Film Business Academy in Busan Asian film school with all aspiring filmmakers in Asia.
  • Trang Thi My Nguyen
    Trang Thi My Nguyen
    Jelly – Nguyen Thi My Trang (Vietnam) is a script writer, movie journalist and novelist in Vietnam. She graduated Ford Foundation Film Writing Programming Class in Hanoi National University in 2007, become Galaxy TV studio content manager, specializing in producing TV series for VTV3, a Vietnamese television station operated and owned by government-owned Vietnam Television. In 2008 she worked for TPD (Centre for Assistance and Development of Movie Talents – Vietnam) as a project manager, columnist in Vietnam World Magazine - the voice of Vietnam Cinema Association. In 2015, she was selected as the best Talent in Talent campus of Hanoi International film festival and got 65th Berlin Film study tour award in 2016. She is writer, co-writer and script doctor of around 600 episodes TV drama -web drama, 5 feature film, 2 novels – short stories collection and many commercial videos. She was Content Strategist FPTPlay, the most popular OTT app in 2016-2019. She is also an invited lecturer in Hoasen Uninversity, HCMC, Vietnam in Media Programming and Narrative Strategy classes from 2017 til now. She is currently attending the International film Business Academy course at Busan Asian Film to study film producing.
  • Hoang Thong Nguyen Tan
    Hoang Thong Nguyen Tan
    Tan Hoang Thong is a Vietnamese producer and director, who was trained by a Senior Story Analyst of DreamWorks SKG. He started to find a new stage for his career by making a short film named “MELANCHOLY”. At Busan International Short Film Festival 2022, “MELANCHOLY” has the International Premiere in the Hub of Asia Cinematiquethe program. At Autumn Meeting 2019, Hoang Thong was in the Top 5 Entertainment Film World with a crime genre feature film project named “A GOOD BAD LUCK”. He was participating in 2022 International Film Business Academy at the Busan Asian Film School with the project “A GOOD BAD LUCK”. Currently Hoang Thong’s been working on final stages of his directorial debut feature film named “A VENGEANCE GAME”. Hoang Thong loves Vietnamese folk tales that reflect the alienation and sin within the society's long-standing culture.
  • Beta Giovanni Rahmadeva
    Beta Giovanni Rahmadeva
    Giovanni Rahmadeva is a music and film producer, currently based in Indonesia. His latest works include NIGHT BUS (2017 Festival Film Indonesia Best Film) and MARLINA THE MURDERER IN FOUR ACTS (2017 Directors’ Fortnight Cannes & 2018 Festival Film Indonesia Best Film). In 2018 he also co-produced Koji Fukada’s THE MAN FROM THE SEA. After initiating JENDELA PAPUA in 2020, the first ever Indonesian talent lab that resulted in a feature-length film, Giovanni collaborates with its graduate, Theo Rumansara, to produce his first film, ORPA, the only feature film so far that brings up the issue in Papua and directed by a native Papuan. Working with first-time directors is a challenge that he loves as now Giovanni is developing Devina Sofiyanti’s 1st feature, THE HEIRLOOMS, selected in 2022 TFL Extended in Madrid, Spain. Founder of QUN films, he believes in fulfilling the needs of well-crafted, quality content, with strong local values that resonate with global audiences, to inspire new generation of storytellers. Besides films, Giovanni has contributed in several Indonesian music video productions, corporate videos, TVCs, original soundtracks, musical albums & is still active as a drummer-songwriter for his band Polka Wars.
  • Thy Seng
    Thy Seng
    Mr. Seng Thy is the second son of the average family, He was born in 1992 in Phnom Penh city. Director Seng Thy is an independent filmmaker, and he has become a journalist and news reporter and later the senior news editor for a local social news media after he graduated from the Royal University of Phnom Penh majoring in Media and Journalism. Since then he has been working as a freelancer for documentary film, TV assistance producer, and self-made filmmaker. Since there is no school available in Cambodia. He nurtures and sharps his career in the film industry, and in 2019 he earnt the second winning award from Chatokmuk Short Film Festival 2019. 2021 he was selected as the Trainee of Japan Foundation for film director, screenwriter, director of photography, sound operator, and film editor, and producing a short film during the training title “WE MASK DATE” to be screening in the Japan Film Festival 2022 in Cambodia, and other local film festivals in 2022. From March to May 2022, he has been training in a film-producing program by AFIS hosted by Busan Asian Film School. Nowadays, he is taking the intensive producer class at Busan Asian Film School, AFiS in Busan City, South Korea. Director and producer Seng Thy has the ambition to build a film school and also leverage the film industry, and cinemas in Cambodia.
  • Hasib Shakil
    Hasib Shakil
    Hasib Shakil is a producer, director, and writer from Bangladesh who prioritizes stories that always need to be covered with the right tone and by the right people. As a filmmaker, he realizes the importance of cinema to uphold culture, humanity, and economy and to widen the human mind. As an entrepreneur and the CEO of HASH, his aim is to make a loud shout about Bangladeshi films in theatres and festivals worldwide. He believes that to make the perfect use of the ongoing raise of Bangladeshi cinema, it needs to have more cultural collaboration beyond borders. That’s where international co-production comes in. Being a bold step taker, he feels dutiful to make more business opportunities in the industry. Along with more creative minds with spectacular visual stunts, he believes it’s time for the investors and entrepreneurs in Bangladesh to jump into different segments of the film business.
  • Cher Kian Tan
    Cher Kian Tan
    Tan Cher Kian (CK) is a Bornean-Sabahan chemical engineer from Malaysia who leaped from oil-and-gas industry to become a theatre practitioner in 2018. He started as a stage performer/writer due to his affinity with his mother tongue Cantonese in the evolving Singaporean work of My Grandfather's Road (2017–). He produced two award-winning short films by Putri Purnama Sugua, The House Without A Ground (2019) and Here I Am (2019) upon returning to Malaysia. Founder of Siring Siring Production which had produced not only above-mentioned short films but also Malay theatres and English musical since 2018 and the Producer of The Instant Café Theatre Company (ICT), a mainstay in Malaysian theatre since 2020, CK is interested in works that break down barriers yet build bridges and has soft spots for non-official languages.
  • Jonathan Tang
    Jonathan Tang
    Jonathan is a Singaporean producer and director who prizes humanist stories that ask of you to empathize and acknowledge the commonalities of lived experiences, and seek a sense of togetherness and connection in the mundane, beyond cultural, social, and geographical boundaries. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University, with a double degree in Film and Economics, and a member of the Phi Beta Keppa Honors Society. Jonathan works, in both Singapore and the US, predominantly as a gaffer. His portfolio includes features like Farewell Amor (2020) and Tesla (2020) that have competed at major domestic and international film festivals such as Sundance. His work also extends into the theatrical space, with his lighting contribution to the video component of the newly revamped Broadway’s West Side Story in 2020. His work experience in both countries has helped him not just enabled him to develop a thorough understanding of the workings of both film industries, but also to expand his professional network. What Jonathan hopes to bring to his projects is an eager collaborator with technical knowledge, a passion and admiration for the medium of visual storytelling and a desire to learn and improve on his ability to bring gifted and compatible people together to make compelling and timely narratives.
  • Qian-Chun (Tami) XU
    Qian-Chun (Tami) XU
    Tami XU Qian-Chun is a Taiwan based filmmaker and producer who has various experiences in indie film productions, and established her creative styles from her education and working experiences in Kaohsiung, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong and Kolkata. Tami focuses on humanities and social issues in her projects, believing in cinema is an effective platform to observe and change the world to a better place. She participated in some of notable Chinese speaking film productions such as “When Night Falls” (directed by YING Liang, 2012), “The Shadow Play” (directed by LOU Ye, 2018), “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountain” (directed by GU Xiao-Gang, 2019), “Wild Sparrow” (directed by SHIH Li, 2019). She’s also a member of Berlinale Talents, Talents Tokyo, PAS Taipei, CNEX-CCDF, Kaohsiung VR Film Lab, TAICCA School, and AFiS Busan, as she has set her career globally ever since she started to join film industry. Tami is also committed to international co-productions with new talents, and try to bring new approaches for Taiwanese films. She has founded the film production — HAFTIX FILMS, in 2020, which provides production service, artists management, and continuing on developing innovative & creative projects.
  • Huichieh Yen
    Huichieh Yen
    HuiChieh Danielle Yen is an award-winning producer and actress who produced such films as "Your Name Engraved Herein" (2020)(Canadian locations), "A Trip with Your Wife" (2021)(Canadian Locations) , "Best Sisters Forever" (2021), and "The Yani Tseng Story" (2023). Yen began her career in the UK, where she honed her skills in fashion, and film as a professional model and actor Her first appearance on screen was a bit role in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" under director J.J. Abrams. ‘Even though I barely had one line, I knew that it was my destiny to continue working in this field.’ Later she became one of SONY Xperia "ICan" global spokespersons. She later served as a commercial director where she was responsible for project development, financing, and investments, as well as managing and auditioning actors such as Robert Knepper and Patrick Schwarzenegger for projects filmed in China. She returned to Taiwan in 2019, where she produced the theatrical film "Your Name Engraved Herein"(Canadian locations) in collaboration with Oxygen Films, which went on to win the 2020 Golden Horse Award for Best Cinematography and Best Original Film Song. The 2021 short film she produced entitled "Best Sisters Forever," and the short film she recently co-starred in titled "Tank Fairy" has won many independent film awards globally including the 2022 SXSW Midnight Short Audience Award. In 2020, Yen founded Select Entertainment, an international production company that develops and produces original film/TV/XR content, virtual production, talent management, and production services.
  • May Sakar Wah
    May Sakar Wah
    Mai May Sakar Wah is a filmmaker living in Yangon, Myanmar. She studied documentary filmmaking at Human Dignity Film Institute (HDFI), Myanmar in 2016 and participated in Film Leaders Incubator (FLY) filmmaking workshop which was held by Busan Film Commission in Indonesia in 2017. In 2022 she participated in International Film Business Academy Online Program of Busan Asian Film School. She is currently working as an independent filmmaker.
  • Lamia Mohammed Fadhel ALI
    Lamia Mohammed Fadhel ALI
    Lamia M. Fadhel is an independent Yemeni filmmaker. She has a documentary course from the New York Film Academy, and two diplomas in making documentaries and short films. Recently she graduated from International Film Business Academy at Busan South Korea, and currently, she is working on the first feature-length film (Anant). she is having 6 years of writing scripts, filming, editing, and directing films. Her work is mainly focused on life, youth, and women. So far, she has produced 6 films and directed 2 short films and 3 documentary films. She has worked with international organizations, local CSOs, businesses, and youth initiatives such as UNESCO, CARE International, TEDxSanaa 2020. Her work is featured in exhibitions inside and outside Yemen. Lamia is a member of NAPNet, the New Asian Producers' Network, and is invited to represent young filmmakers in ex/internal conferences.
  • Pascale ASMAR
    Pascale ASMAR
    Born in Lebanon, Pascale is a linguist turned storyteller. She holds a PhD in Linguistics from Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3. After a 6-year career within the university, she shifted towards filmmaking. She’s an alumna of the 2021 Beirut Locarno Industry Academy International and a fellow of Busan Asian Film School’s International Film Business Academy (class of 2021). She has co-written and co-produced 2 award-winning short films, The Blind of the Cathedral (2015) and Perhaps Today… (2017). She is one of the 3 co-founders of MovieTailor Pictures, a Beirut-based film production, distribution, and sales company.
    Assel is a Kazakhstani producer, director and screenwriter. Her first feature film WELCOME TO THE USA had its world premiere at AFI Fest 2019. This is the first feature film in Kazakhstan with the protagonist from the LGBTQ community. It was awarded Grand Jury Prize as Best International Feature of NewFest New York’s LGBTQ Film Festival. Assel participated in the Meetings on the Bridge 2021, BOAT Meeting 2020, Script POOL Tallinn 2018 and Eurasia spotlight 2017. She is currently working on her second feature film project that has been selected for the Biennale College Cinema 2020 of Venice IFF.
  • CHENG Thim Kian
    CHENG Thim Kian
    CHENG Thim Kian actively participated numerous film festivals in his home country Malaysia and overseas, having served as line producer and assistant director for internationally acclaimed directors including CHONG Keat Aun, Edmund YEO, and Yukisada ISAO. In 2020, his short film BEE, My Friend made its world premiere in Osaka Asian Film Festival and competed for the Housen Short Film Award. He attended Asian Film Academy, and won the Dongseo University Scholarship Fund. He was also selected for Kyoto Filmmaker Lab, Taiwan Golden Horse Film Academy, and most recently selected for International Film Business Academy of Busan Asian Film School.
  • CHOO Mun Bel
    CHOO Mun Bel
    CHOO Mun Bel started his film journey in 2010 and formed a production house called Sixtymac Production based in Malaysia that focuses on featured film and commercial advertisement. Taking up the role of a film director, director of photography, and producer, he produced several award-winning short films, namely, Colourless, Liar Land, The Boy Who Rock the World in the past 5 years. In 2020, Belz was selected to the Locarno Open Doors Lab and Singapore Southeast Asian Film Lab with one of his feature film projects, City of Simple Simons.
  • Kwong Chun Charlie FUNG
    Kwong Chun Charlie FUNG
    Charlie FUNG is a director and producer from Hong Kong. He earned his MA from University of Hong Kong, Department of Comparative Literature and MFA from Beijing Film Academy. His short film CELL won Best Creativity Award of 4th Freshwave International Short Film Festival. He also has solid experience as a director-producer on TV commercials. In 2020, he shifted his focus to films, and founded Square One Film company focusing on independent film production. He co-produced documentary shorts THE WORLD OF MINDFULNESS is officially selected in Sheffield Doc/Fest 2021, which is the largest documentary film festival in UK.
  • MD Shajedul ISLAM
    MD Shajedul ISLAM
    Shajedul ISLAM (Shajed) is a writer and independent film maker from Bangladesh. He studied Film Making in Bangladesh Cinema and Television Institute. He started his career as a documentary filmmaker and film researcher. He worked as film research fellow in BCTI and in Bangladesh Film Archive. One of his research works is published as Book by the government of Bangladesh. He won national grant in 2019 as a director and producer for a film named The Ancient Filmmakers. He worked as co-producer and director in several independent projects from his production house KAW Creative. Currently he is working on his debut feature film named The Camera Kids.
  • Prajjwal Shumsher JBR
    Prajjwal Shumsher JBR
    Prajjwal SJB Rana is a film producer from Nepal who has been running his own production house, Eyecore Films, His short film Dadyaa: The Woodpeckers of Rotha was screened at various international film festivals including Venice and Busan and won a special jury award at Sundance Film Festival 2017. His second short film titled Bare Trees in The Mist had its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2019 and had a major run in the international film festival circuit. He currently graduated from Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) and is working on several feature projects with some of the most talented filmmakers in Nepal.
  • Kissada KAMYOUNG
    Kissada KAMYOUNG
    Kissada KAMYOUNG is a Thai published academic and alumni of Busan Asian Film School. His 2009 short film BANGKOK DWELLER screened at the 13th Thai Short Film and Video Festival. He was the line producer for Jacob Von Heland’s BELOVED FLOOD (2014, TV) and line producer for Sompot Chidgasornpongse’s RAILWAYS SLEEPERS (2016, Busan and Berlinale Forum). He previously attended La Fabrique Cinema 2020, HAF Forum 2020, Nantes Produire au Sud 2020, SEAFIC 2020, and Locarno Open Doors 2021.
  • Hemant Kumar GABA
    Hemant Kumar GABA
    Hemant Gaba dabbles both in documentaries & fiction. He has attended Documentary Campus (Crossing Borders Program), Germany (2017) and Interdoc, Serbia (2019). His feature documentary, An Engineered Dream (2018) was awarded as Best Non-Feature Film at 67th National Film Awards (India), Jury Award at Kerala Documentary Film Festival (2018) and had television broadcast in seven Asia Pacific countries. His previous documentary, short and independent feature has been screened in over two dozen film festivals and has found berth at OTT and television platforms.
  • Geoderic LOMUNTAD
    Geoderic LOMUNTAD
    Geo LOMUNTAD is a young producer, who began as a script supervisor in Manila, Philippines. In 2018, he started as an associate producer for Bianca Balbuena in ico-production films Fan Girl (Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2020) and Boldstar (CJ Entertainment Prize, Asian Project Market 2019, and Berlinale Co-Production Market 2020). He is currently the associate producer for Shozo Ichiyama and Lorna Tee for Kodokushi, a Torino Film Lab, Talents Tokyo, and Ties That Bind project. He has attended Berlinale Talents Tokyo and Busan Asian Film School, where he developed his feature project, Me and Lilibeth. His mission is to champion more Filipino films around the world.
  • LE Quynh Anh
    LE Quynh Anh
    Lê Quỳnh Anh is an emerging filmmaker - producer based in Vietnam. She graduated from Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema, majored in Film Directing. She is an alumni of NAFF Fantastic Film School 2018, Film Leaders Incubator 2017, HANIFF Talent Campus 2016 and an artist of “Things that remember”, an international site-specific art shows since 2016. She won Rotterdam Lab Award in Open Doors Lab, Locarno Film Festival 2019. Currently she is producing feature Inside the yellow cocoon shell (Cannes Pro Pitching, Hubert Bals Fund 2019, Locarno Open Doors Grant 2020); Who created human beings (ArteKino International Award - APM 2020; Locarno Open Doors Hub 2021).
  • LIM Jen Nee
    LIM Jen Nee
    Jen Nee LIM has more than 15 years’ experience as Producer/Writer, with stints in film acquisition, marketing and distribution. A variety of her projects have been selected for international labs and financing forums such as the Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF), Europe- Asia Ties that Bind Producers’ Workshop, Co-Production Bazaar and Buchon International Fantastic Film Festival-Network of Asian Fantastic Films (BiFAN-NAFF) It Project. The International Emmy-nominated producer for web series People Like Us (Season 2, 2019) is now scooting over to the director’s chair. Her creative vision and interest lie in stories with strong Asian female gaze.
  • Jeddalyn MEDRANO
    Jeddalyn MEDRANO
    Jed MEDRANO is an emerging independent film producer, writer, and director from the Philippines. A graduate of Advertising and Public Relations but switched gears early on and studied filmmaking at the University of the Philippines Film Institute, finishing her master's degree in Media Studies, Major in Film in 2017. She applies her business and arts background to pursue a career in producing, line producing, and production management of short films, music videos, commercials, and independent narrative feature films. She had produced 2 features, 3 shorts, and line produced 9 feature films. Bambanti (Scarecrow, 2015) both won Best Film in Brussels Film Festival and Ayjal Youth Film Festival, Doha. Bagahe (Baggage, 2017) won Golden Cyclo d’Or in Vesoul Asian IFF 2018. Her short film, SENIOR (2014) won Special Jury in QCinema International Film Festival and was screened in international festivals. Currently, she is a fellow at the Busan Asian Film School 2021 developing her feature film as a producer, writer, and director.
  • Ali MEHDI
    Ali MEHDI
    Ali MEHDI is a filmmaker based in Pakistan. He completed his BS in Media Science with major in Film & TV. He started his career as stop motion animator and later on worked in various film productions. His short film Qabr-e-Padr (Father’s Grave) has won best film award in Asia Peace Film Festival and Filmmera International Film festival.
  • Deyali MUKHERJEE
    Deyali MUKHERJEE
    Deyali is an independent filmmaker based in Mumbai, India. Having started her career as an Architect, Deyali joined Film & Television Institute of India in 2011. Her filmmaking journey started by assisting Vimukthi Jayasundara for a Bengali feature film Chatrak, which was an official selection for Directors Fortnight, Cannes 2011. Deyali co-founded SRDM Motion Pictures and produced a feature film Half Songs, which released on Amazon Prime Video (UK & USA) & Cineplex(Canada). Deyali wrote and directed her first Anthology feature Three Auspicious Hours in 2018. Her upcoming projects have been a part of Produireausud Lab and NFDC Film Bazaar’s Co-Production Market in 2020. She has also won Let’s Doc Fellowship Award for her debut Documentary Feature The Village Girl who Ran which is in development.
  • NGUYEN Le Hang
    NGUYEN Le Hang
    NGUYEN Le Hang is a producer and co-founder of ever rolling films- a production house based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hang has produced several short films before co-producing her first feature film with Japan in 2020. Hang has learned to make films through her own experiences and through the labs and workshops that her projects have been selected to, including- SEAFIC, Produire au Sud in 2019, Full Circle Lab in 2020. Hang is also a selected member of AFiS- Busan Asian Film School- Class of 2021.
  • PARK Sungbae
    PARK Sungbae
    B.A. in Korean language and literature, M.A. in Japanese cinema and Ph. D. in Inner Mongolian cinema. Producer, Director, Writer of several short and documentary films since 2005. Especially interested in the project among East Asian countries including Korea, Japan, China and Mongolia.
  • Kinley PELDEN
    Kinley PELDEN
    Kinley PELDEN, who was a school teacher, was more interested into acting, ventured into film business and since then, there was no looking back as she was approached with many projects which hit the market till date and bagged the best actress awards consecutively in 2002, 2003. Gradually she established her sole production house M/S Kin Den entertainment in 2007 and produced 4 major hit feature films and 25 episodes of Television series for the National Television. She is the only Bhutanese actress who has undergone the training for Partnership in Business Management in Denmark Aarhus in 2010.
  • Gunawarna Waduge Hiranya Nirmani PERERA
    Gunawarna Waduge Hiranya Nirmani PERERA
    A Masters graduate with CIM & CIMA, Hiranya started her career as the producer of Good Morning Sri Lanka. She then directed TV commercials, being the youngest female director/ producer. She moved out as a freelance TVC director and started Silent Frames Productions where she produced Silent Tears (short) - 27 International Festivals with 19 awards, screened at Locarno Open Doors. Her feature projects Scent of a Dead Body and Bend in the Coffin were selected at the Film Bazaar CPM. She was also selected for Film Bazaar Producers workshop 2019. Currently a fellow at Busan Asian Film School.
  • Robert Logronio RODRIGUEZ
    Robert Logronio RODRIGUEZ
    Bobby's career as a film producer started in 2017 with the documentary about the indigenous people called the ‘ati’ in the famous island of Boracay in the Philippines. This first-time docu landed its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival in 2018. Since then he has produced 2 more full length documentaries and 4 short features that have been selected in film festivals locally and internationally. He is also developing his first full-length feature through the Busan Asian Film School. Currently, he is a full-time professor in Communication and Media Studies at the University of the Philippines Visayas.
  • Maaria SAYED
    Maaria SAYED
    After graduating from London Film School,  Maaria continued working as a writer/producer for networks such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Fox. Her short films Aabida, and Chudala were screened at festivals such as Raindance, Izmir Kisa, BFI Flare etc and acquired by Amazon Prime(US), IndieFlix, ShortsTV International and Tata Sky India. Maaria is an alumni of Asian Film Academy , Fajr Talent Campus, Bucheon Fantastic Film School and Reykjavik Talent Lab. A special program dedicated to Maaria's short films was part of Ca Foscari Short Film Festival (2019) in Venice. She also worked as a casting director and in the production team of Jessica Woodworth's film The Barefoot Emperor which screened at Toronto Int Film Festival(2019) and Rotterdam (2020). Additionally, Maaria won the Premio Mutti award (presented at Venice Int Film Festival, 2019) with a grant by Cineteca di Bologna to make her film Ancora non lo so. Maaria is now developing her first fiction feature film at AFiS(Busan).
  • Sushant SHRESTHA
    Sushant SHRESTHA
    Started his career as a Costume Designer and Assistant Director and then as a Production Designer, Sushant has been in Nepali Film Industry since 2010. He started producing in 2016 and has produced his first feature, Kathaa ’72, which traveled to few festivals in 2018 and was honored with the SPECIAL FILM JURY AWARD 2018 by Film Development Board Nepal. His other feature, Ainaa Jhyal ko Putali was premiered at Busan International Film Festival 2020. A short film, Junu Ko Jutta, co-produced by him in 2019 is still traveling around the world with some wins including Children’s Jury Mention Award in Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2020.
  • SUM Chandy
    SUM Chandy
    Chandy SUM is a filmmaker and producer in Cambodia. In 2018, she is finishing bachelor’s degree in mass media, and in 2020 form a team to create their own production house called JUMRUM DESIRE; within the same year she’ve got selected to be a fellow in film producing course in AFiS (Busan Asian Film School). Chandy directed 2 short films such as The Blind, The Key. She have produced some documentaries film, such as My local My product, and My village funded by Ministry of environment.
    Siera TAMIHARDJA earned her B.A. degree from Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California, LA. She was awarded Communication Leadership Scholars by Geoffrey Cowan at the Center on Communication Leadership and Policy. Siera is interested in international development through creative means and media. Co-founded LA Indonesian Film Festival in 2013, she has been actively engaging herself in film production ever since. In 2020, Siera developed a new platform as Digital Exhibitor for films in collaboration with Telkom, Indonesia’s biggest telecommunication state-owned enterprise and in 2021, she received a fellowship from Busan Asian Film School.
    Napat TANGSANGA is a film director, producer and screenwriter from Thailand. He graduated from Bangkok University in film production, communication arts, bachelor’s degree (1st honor) and master’s degree in digital marketing communication. He founded Spark Life Entertainment, a production house company which focuses on motion pictures which includes films, music videos, and advertisement. He has proved himself with more than 30 awards both nationally and internationally. He is an alumni of ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator (FLY), BIFAN – Fantastic Film School. He was the youngest film board of Thai Film Director Association. Currently, he is the special lecturer for Bangkok University.
  • WANG Yu Jiao
    WANG Yu Jiao
    Tracy WANG is a producer from China. She started her filmmaking career in the Yunnan New Film Project which gathered ten female directors to shoot ten feature films in Yunnan Province. She was involved in the conception to completion to distribution of the first three films in the series, THE PARK, THE CASE and FINDING SHANGRI-LA. From there she was engaged in a company that worked with licensing from BBC Worldwide, promoting BBC’s programs, TV series and documentaries to domestic TV stations. Since 2012 to present, as a co-partner of FilmFactory, she has been key to at least 10 Chinese films in their film festival applications resulting in numerous successes in competitions including Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival & Busan International Film Festival.
  • YEO Zhi Qi
    YEO Zhi Qi
    ZhiQi YEO is an independent film producer from Singapore, currently based in Los Angeles. She has been selected for the Rotterdam Lab 2021 and the International Film Business Academy 2021 at the Busan Asian Film School. Her producing credits include Siblings supported by Singapore Film Commission and screened at several film programs including the Asian Film Archive’s Singapore Shorts 2019. She also worked as a post producer at Singapore’s premier post production facility, Mocha Chai Laboratories between 2016-2018.
  • Thaint Sandy
    Thaint Sandy
    Vicky Nway is an independent filmmaker from Yangon, Myanmar. She studied multi-media design at Raffles International College in Thailand. She worked as a Video Editor, Colorist, Associate Producer and Assistant Director at Bridge Agency and Platform Productions from 2015 to 2019. She came from a background of production work based on NGO film, social awareness campaign films, advocacy films, commercials and documentaries. The short documentary “Jeweler’s Journey” that was produced by Platform Productions where she worked on was selected by the Busan Short Film Festival in 2020. She is currently graduated from International Film Business Academy at Busan Asian Film School (AFiS).
  • Feisal Bin AZIZUDDIN
    In 2010, Feisal Azizuddin co-founded a media company called Feisk Productions. In 2014 he ventured into TV and produced two reality shows which aired on local TV and VOD platforms. In 2016, Feisal shifted his focus to films. He has directed and produced over a dozen short films which have screened in genre festivals including Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival, Wreak Havoc Film Festival and Film Leben. In 2018, Feisal directed and produced his first feature film, Temenggor, which is scheduled for release in 2020. He also directed and produced the horror feature film Suraya, which will premiere in Malaysian theatres in December 2019.
  • BOK Hui Wen Angelina
    Angelina M. Bok is a director, writer and producer from Singapore. She directed and produced several shorts, and dabbled in film distribution at Anticipate Pictures as a marketing manager. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Film at the Puttnam School of Film, Goldsmiths University of London. Her works focus on the abnormalities within the everyday family and the transience of existence. She participated in the 2017 Wonda VR film lab in conjunction with Institut Francais and Samsung. She's currently graduated from 2019 International Film Business Academy at Busan Asian Film School, and took part in this year’s BIFAN IT Project Market. The Verse of a Mother’s Love is her debut feature as a director and writer.
  • Shyam BORA
    Shyam Bora’s latest feature Aamis (2019) premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in the International Narrative Competition section. His film credits include Executive Producer of Bhaskar Hazarika's Kothanodi (2015), which premiered at Busan IFF; Line and Associate Producer of Pan Nalin's Angry Indian Goddesses (2015), which received the Audience Awards at Toronto IFF & Rome IFF, and Line Producer of feature documentary Faith Connections (2013) by Pan Nalin, which premiered at Toronto IFF.
  • Maenum CHAGASIK
    After working as an assistant director for several Thai independent filmmakers, in 2011 Maenum Chagasik began producing the feature film In April the Following Year, There Was a Fire directed by Wichanon Somumjam. That film was selected for the Tiger Awards Competition at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2012. In 2016 she co-produced By the Time It Gets Dark, directed by Anocha Suwichakornpong. Her latest work, Krabi 2562, directed by Ben Rivers and Anocha Suwichakornpong, premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2019.
  • CHU Hoi Ying
    Chu Hoi Ying is a director and producer from Hong Kong. She earned her BA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Music Department in 2011, and an MFA from Hong Kong Baptist University Academy of Film in 2014. Chu was a member of the Asian Film Academy at Busan International Film Festival in 2016, before being selected for the 2019 International Film Business Academy of Busan Asian Film School. Her short film 3 Generations 3 Days (2019) won the Best Director and Freshwave Award at 13th Freshwave International Short Film Festival.
  • DENG Cilin
    Born and raised in China, Deng Cilin gained his BA in Liberal Arts with a major in Film Studies from King’s College London. He first became involved in producing in 2014, with director Sun Yixi’s psychological thriller feature film Susu, a UK-China co-production. The film has screened at various film festivals worldwide and has been sold to several territories internationally. He produced two Columbia University MFA thesis films, The Wind Flower and Greenhouse, in the US and China. In addition to his work in producing, he has been involved in programming for film festivals.
    Luhki Herwanayogi is a film director from Indonesia who has been running his own production house, Catchlight Pictures Indonesia, and community-based production house cre8pictures, since 2009. His short films including On Friday Noon and Don’t Play Alone have been funded by prominent institutes and screened at various international film festivals. His other short film HAR was selected as the Nominee Piala Citra Best Short Film at the Indonesia Film Festival 2018. He was a 2014 FLY: Film Leadership Incubator participant, supported by Busan Film Commission and Asian Film Commissions Network, and currently is developing his debut feature Our Son at the International Film Business Academy at AFiS.
  • Nasrin JAMAL
    Diana Saqeb Jamal was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She started her filmmaking journey as a documentary filmmaker. Her first documentary Twenty-Five Percent opened a discussion about changing the European military policy into one with further respect for human rights in Afghanistan. Her documentary film about the Afghan women's movement, Mohtarama, won several awards including Best Documentary Film at Yamagata International Film Festival. Her first narrative short film, Roqaia, has been selected in the 76th Venice Film Festival Orizzonti competition this year. In the Walnut Shell is slated to be her debut feature.
  • KANG Minji
    Kang Minji is a South Korean writer/director. She received her BFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and holds her MFA in Film Directing from Columbia University, graduating with Faculty Honor placement. She was the recipient of the SAIC Enrichment Scholarship and the Columbia TOMS Scholarship. Kang's MFA thesis short film, The Loyalist, screened internationally and received numerous accolades. She is a 2015 Reykjavik Talent Lab fellow, 2018 BIFAN Fantastic Film School fellow, 2018 Let’s CEE (Central Eastern European) Talent Academy fellow, and an alumna of 2019 International Film Business Academy at Busan Asian Film School. She is represented by Silent R Management.
  • Rajib MOHAJAN
    Rajib Mohajan is a filmmaker and journalist based in Bangladesh. His journalistic works include documentaries and short stories that have been published in several national and international media outlets. He also has experience as a director-producer on TV commercials and TV film. Now he’s working as a producer on an independent feature film project, I See Waves. The project has already been funded by Asian Cinema Fund in 2017 and promoted by the Asian Project Market in 2018. ANJUMA is his debut feature film project as a writer and director.
  • Pourya MORADI
    Pourya Moradi graduated with a master’s degree in cinema from the University of Tehran in 2014. He has made short films since college, and has completed six short films which have screened at various film festivals, as well as edited many shorts and documentaries. He also collaborated with many visual artists in conjunction with art galleries in order to make video-art and experimental short films. He is an alumnus of Bucheon Fantastic Film School 2018 and a 2019 alumnus of the International Film Business Academy at Busan Asian Film School (AFiS). Facepalm is his debut feature.
    Nakanishi Mai has extensive experience across the creative and business functions within the film industry, working for major companies including Kadokawa. With a focus on horror, she has collaborated with international genre stalwarts since 2013. In 2018, she made her directorial debut with HANA, an award winning supernatural short which was invited to festivals including Sitges, Bifan and Mumbai. A genuine genre enthusiast at heart, Nakanishi runs Scream Queen FilmFest Tokyo, the only female-centric genre festival in Asia. She is an alumna of Asian Film Academy and Bifan’s Fantastic Film School.
  • NGUYEN Huu Tuan
    Born in 1984, film director Nguyen Huu-Tuan is a member of the Vietnam Cinema Association. Nguyen is the first filmmaker from the ‘80s generation to release a feature film, Of Us And June (2012). This high school basketball movie was a rare indie film back in its time. It was praised by critics and awarded the Jury Prize at the 18th Vietnam Film Festival in 2013. His second film, My Sun, Where Are You, is a family movie that was released in December 2018.
  • Anup POUDEL
    Anup Poudel is a producer based in Kathmandu. He studied Film Making at the Oscar College of Film Studies in Kathmandu from 2009 to 2012. His first short film as a producer, I Am Happy, was selected by Busan IFF 2011, while immediately after that another short film, The Flute, was selected by Venice IFF 2012. His recent short film, The Moon Is Bright Tonight, premiered at Busan IFF 2018 and is traveling the festival circuit. He has just completed another short film, Kirtimukh, and is currently developing his feature producing debut Season of Dragonflies.
  • MD Arifur RAHMAN
    Arifur Rahman is an independent filmmaker from Bangladesh. He studied anthropology and started his filmmaking journey from his early university days. His projects have featured in Berlin IFF, Venice IFF, Seattle IFF, IFF Rotterdam, Locarno IFF, Singapore IFF, Cinequest FF, Sheffield Doc Fest, and Shanghai IFF. He established the international storytelling platform Goopy Bagha Productions Limited along with his filmmaking partner Bijon.
  • SHEN Yu-Hua
    Ivy Shen is a Taiwanese producer with ample experience in distribution, international sales, and acquisition, having worked with eminent Taiwanese producer Patrick Mao Huang at Flash Forward Entertainment since 2015. As a production coordinator, her recent credits include An Impossibly Small Object (2018), directed by David Verbeek and selected by IFFR, and The Road to Mandalay (2016), directed by Midi Z and awarded the FEDEORA Award at the Venice Film Festival. She is currently graduated from International Film Business Academy in Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) and works as producer for several shorts and feature films. My Father My Uncle is her debut feature as a writer, director and producer.
  • Carlo Camilo VALENZONA
    Carlo Camilo Valenzona studied Associate in Arts and Multimedia Studies in the University of the Philippines. In 2014, he started in the industry as an assistant line producer to the late Larry Castillo, who was Brillante Mendoza’s producer. He also started producing short films, including Imago (Cannes 2016) and Judgement (Cannes 2017), both directed by Mendoza’s protégé Raymund Gutierrez. Since then he has become a producer of the films Underground (San Sebastian Fedora Award 2017), Alpha: The Right to Kill (San Sebastian Jury Prize 2018) and the Netflix series AMO (2018). He previously attended TIFF Japan, HAF Forum, and Cannes Producers’ Network.
  • Vivian Jonathan Patrick XAVIER
    Vivian Xavier is a filmmaker and cinematographer with a penchant for dark, raw social narratives. He believes in art as a conduit for social benefit and thus aims to support and tell stories within that framework. He graduated from Florida State Film School and has been a fellow at the Asian Film Academy. His work spans short films such as Pedro Pan, The Grind, Best Buds 2D and Inheritance, as well as the documentaries Partnering for Power in Pakistan with GE shot for CNN, and Armed With Faith shot for HBO. The 10th Plague is his debut film as a feature film writer and producer, and he intends to work hard to improve the quality and variety of narratives produced and exhibited in Pakistan with the realization of this film.
  • CHOI Yoonsuk
    Blue Swallow (2005, Cineline II & Korea Pictures) Production Assistant (2004.03~04), Location Coordinator (2005.09) Dreams Come True (Dreams Sugar Pictures Inc.) Production Manager (2009.01~2010.02) Asian Film Academy Production Line Producer (2010.08~10 & 2011.08~11) Over and Over Again (supported by DSU, the Im Kwon Taek College of Film & Media Arts) Executive Producer (2011.12~2012.05)
  • Joyce Chia-Yi CHOU
    Joyce Chou has been working extensively with local and foreign talents since she got a film degree from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2010. In 2016, Joyce began working on international co-production projects including Fresh off the Boat season 3 (Fox, USA), The Spy Gone North (Korea), and A Touch of Spring (Canada). In 2017, she worked with Hanmac Culture group for developing a Taiwan-Korea co-production film as an associate producer. The project won the Mandarin Vision Award at the 2017 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP).
  • Nawa Nidhi DAHAL
    Nawa Nidhi Dahal is a Nepali film producer based in Kathmandu. He has been producing short films since 2012. Most of his short films have travelled around the festival circuit and received awards, including top prizes. His first feature film The Eighty First Summer by Reason Gajurel is in post production right now. He is currently developing Manoj Babu Panta's debut feature The Land of Ancestors. He is also a fellow at Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) and a participant in Locarno Open Doors Lab this year.
  • Soe Arkar Htun
    Soe Arkar Htun is a filmmaker from Myanmar. He started his career in filmmaking at Yangon Film School in 2014. Since then he has worked as a producer, and as a director in several documentaries, short films, and commercial films. Some of his films have been invited to an array of international film festivals in various countries including the UK, India, Nepal, Japan, and France. His first documentary A Political Life won the 2016 Watersprite Filmmaker of the Future Award. In 2017, he was selected to attend the ASIADOC, a workshop for documentary producer in Cambodia.
  • IMAI Taro
    After working as a boom operator in Los Angeles, Imai Taro worked for a car company and a trading company in Japan for 10 years. His first feature film as a producer won a prize at New Directors Film Festival 2015, and his second film, Eriko, Pretended, was released theatrically in Japan and Thailand in 2018. He participated in EAVE Ties That Bind in 2016.
  • JUNG Jeewon
    Jung Jeewon studied Political Science and Cultural Studies at Yonsei University. She has published independent magazines and books for six years and worked for VP (Venture Philanthropy) C program for two years. Recently, she founded ‘Noside,’ a media lab that produces and distributes content across various platforms including print books, zines, film, audio, web, and more. As a filmmaker, she has participated in several films as a writer and actress. She directed three short films, This is the Important Problem: Who Listens To My Story? (2006, 30mins); That Summer (2008, 29mins), which screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival; and Moments of Yongdusan Park (2018, 11mins).
  • Raja Saad
    Raja Saad is a film major graduate from Riphah International University in Islamabad, Pakistan. He has directed and produced many short films throughout his career and this is his debut feature film project. His film DNC, which he directed and produced, was screened at the ‘Channel 4 Film Festival 2017’ and was officially selected for the HUM Short Film Festival. Another film he produced, Faryad (directed by Fahad Kahut), won the Best Short Film Award in IndieFest Film Festival in 2016 and was nominated in Los Angeles Film Festival 2016. Recently he attended several film labs including American Film Showcase, Bucheon Fantastic Film School, ‘PNCA Film workshop’, 60 seconds short films workshop and Busan Asian Film School. He is the first person to start an independent film society in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, called the Islamabad Film Society and currently runs Black Art Production as CEO.
  • KIM Hwigeun
    Kim Hwigeun is a 23 year old Korean director. Despite his young age and lack of previous professional filmmaking training, he has created one feature film, two mid-length films, and several music videos. His debut feature film, The Boy Who Had Horns won the Grand Prize at the 19th Busan Independent Film Festival in 2017, the youngest ever director in the festival's history to do so. He is working on his second feature film Unexploded Bomb.
  • LEE Jungwoo
    Lee Jungwoo is a film producer from Korea. He has been working extensively with US talents since 2010 while studying filmmaking at Brooklyn College, CUNY in New York, USA. His first short film Karl was shot in 2013. This unconventional love drama won First Prize at the 2014 CUNY Asian-American Film Festival (NY), screened at numerous film theaters, including Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Anthology Film Archive, and more. Since 2015, he has worked for SKYST Inc., a media contents company based in Busan, Korea, and began work to on international co-production projects with talents from all over the world including The Steps (Japan), The Soup-maker (Iran) and Worm and Widow (Brunei).
  • LI Huiyi
    Li Huiyi studied film and theater at Kyung Hee University in Korea. She directed a short film The Two of Us which won the best director award at the Chinese Micro Film Contest 2015, and A Dream of Interest (2016) which was shot in China with a Korean crew with production support from the Gyeong-gi Film School Festival. In 2017, Li Huiyi worked in Beijing Enlight Pictures as the P&A Video Team Manager of the animated feature Dahufa. Following her work at Enlight Pictures, Li Huiyi produced several commercials for clients like OPPO, Tmall, Tencent and Adobe.
  • LIM Ying Xian
    After acquiring a Masters in Film Studies from King’s College London, Lim Ying Xian returned to Malaysia to build her career as a creative producer. She has since produced commercial works, documentaries, television and long-form narrative features, such as Return to Nostalgia (2015) and Aqérat (2017), which won the Best Director prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival. She also co-produced an action film Zombitopia due for commercial release in early 2019. She currently has several projects in development – the revenge thriller Siri, a Chinese-language dark comedy called White School, and Dulang, a time-travelling murder mystery mini-series.
  • Gale OSORIO
    Gale Osorio started as an art director for an advertising agency under Publicis Groupe. Following Publicis, she worked as a freelance assistant director for TV commercials. In 2012, she undertook her graduate coursework in cinema studies and became the creative director for Binisaya, the only Visayan language film festival in the Philippines. Next she produced Iskalawags (2013) and Lily (2016), with both films making many of the top ten film critics’ lists. The latest film she produced, Babylon (2017), was selected in the 68th Berlinale International Film Festival Shorts Competition.
  • Jordan Katherine SEE
    Jordan Katherine See is an experienced director/executive producer who has worked in film, television and social media. She directed three short films for the Singapore Memory Project, including Through Thick and Thin, which was met with viral success. Networks she has produced and/or directed for include the National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. The Bus, a short film she produced and wrote, has also been screened at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, Short Shorts Film Festival Asia and Asiana International Short Film Festival, among others.
  • Jarell Mahinay SERENCIO
    Jarell Serencio started his career in 2006 as a head researcher and writer for the longest running TV drama Remembering (Maalaala Mo Kaya). He was under the mentorship of award winning scriptwriters, Ricky Lee and Bing Lao. In 2008, he took on a new journey as an international seafarer which inspired him to create a Filipino-based production company, Man Overboard Productions. His first film, Victor (2012), won Best Short Feature at the most important independent film festival in the Philippines, Cinemalaya. He followed this success with his second short Stars in the City (Mga Bitoon sa Siyudad) which won him the Best Director award at Metro Manila Film Festival. His third short film, City of Gold (Siyudad sa Bulawan), won top awards at the CineFilipino Film Festival 2018.
  • Amir Masoud SOHEILI
    Masoud Soheili is an award-winning filmmaker, festival director and programmer. Having studied cinema in Indonesia and South Korea, he was among the seven most-honored Iranian short filmmakers in 2015 and his second short film Blue-Eyed Boy won 20 international awards from more than 140 international film festivals. Masoud was a member of the juries of Yogya Netpac Asian Film Festival, Viddsee Juree awards in Indonesia, Avanca International Film Festival in Portugal, SAARC Film Festival in Sri Lanka and International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala in India. He is the co-founder and creative director of “Asia Peace Film Festival" in Pakistan.
  • SUM Sithen
    Since 2009, Sum Sithen has mobilized thousands of Cambodian film enthusiasts to build the foundations of their careers through intensive workshops, trips and the Chaktomuk Short Film Festival. His recent projects, including Pram Ang (2014-2016), emphasize family values. He also helped distribute a dozen Cambodian feature titles while managing PuPrum Entertainment in 2016 and 2017. Throughout his career he has attended a local series of script writing and producing workshops. Through Sunflower Film Alliance and his upcoming feature films, he seeks to pave the way for local filmmakers to expand their horizons with international co-productions.
  • Supatcha THIPSENA
    Born in June 1986, in Bangkok, Thailand, Supatcha Thipsena graduated from Chulalongkorn's Faculty of Communication Arts (majored in film). She started as a film writer in the influential Thai film magazine 『BIOSCOPE』. In 2014, she became a general manager of Mosquito Films Distribution, which represents award-winning Southeast Asian cinema. In 2016, she produced a short documentary, DR.K, which was broadcast on Channel News Asia, Singapore. She also worked as a post line producer for feature documentary #BKKY which premiered in Busan, and won the best feature-length award at Hamburg International Queer Film Festival. In 2017, she received the Special Mention Award from Talents Tokyo. She was a festival coordinator at Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival during 2015-2017.
  • TRINH Le Minh Hang
    TRINH Le Minh Hang established Skyline Media in 2013 for film distribution and production, aiming at quality productions with heartfelt stories for the mass audience in Vietnam and international markets. She was the Executive Producer & Producer of Conjuring Spirit (horror, 2014), Exorcism: A Haunted Child (horror, 2015), Kung Fu Pho (action-comedy, 2015), Five Steps of Love (romantic-comedy, 2015) as well as Producer of the co-production between Vietnam, China and Korea, 100 Days of Sunshine (romantic-comedy, 2018). Her works have been commercially released in Vietnam and other countries, and have also received prestigious awards. She is currently attending the International Film Business Academy course at Busan Asian Film School to study film producing.
  • XU Jianshang
    Xu Jianshang is an upcoming producer who graduated from Beijing Film Academy’s directing department, China. She has not only produced and directed several short films but also just produced her first international co-production feature MA·AMA with Indian director Dominic Sangma in 2018. Rapture is her second feature. Currently she studies producing in Busan Asian Film School (AFiS), Korea. She was also a fellow of the Asian Film Academy (AFA), 2014.
  • Abdul ZAINIDI
    Abdul Zainidi is a writer and director who has made several short films on a diverse range of subject matter from horror to documentary to fantasy. His short films have been selected to participate in numerous festivals all around the world including Busan International Short Film Festival and Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. He is an alumni of ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator: FLY, Asian Film Academy (AFA) and the American Film Showcase programmes. This year he took home the Bucheon award for Worm and the Widow at the Network of Asian Fantastic Films BIG gathering in BIFAN.
  • Diego Batara Mahameru
    Diego Batara Mahameru (aka Deo) is an independent Indonesian filmmaker. Deo worked as a journalist and covered several major events in Indonesia. As a filmmaker, he started his career with a short film, Calon (2015). It got selected in several domestic film festivals including Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival, Aceh Film Festival, and Yogyakarta Art Festival. He continued his work with short film The Nameless Boy (2017), which portrays the real situation of demonstrations against the blasphemy case of the former Jakarta governor during the 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election, through the eyes of a boy. The film was selected in many international film festivals such as Singapore International Film Festival, Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival, and Bali International Film Festival.
  • Fauzan ABDILLAH
    Born in Surabaya in 1988, Fauzan ABDILLAH is chief of Independent Film Surabaya (infis).ABDILLAH studied Educational Technology at University State of Surabaya and has attended various master classes and studied film as a cultural activist at Auckland University of Technology. He also taught film majors at two universities in Surabaya. His short film in 2006 won Best Film and Best Director at East Java Students Film Festival. His filmography includes: That Day (2006), Surabaya Romantaste (2008), Me+Surabaya (2012), Suroboyo Bridge (2016), Gamo~ (2017). ABDILLAH is Now Ready for Your West l My Eastwhich will be his most anticipated commercial feature film debut.
  • Nurain ABDULLAH
    Nurain ABDULLAH, a co-founder of Regalblue Production company in Brunei, has been actively producing film and TV programs since 2002. With the vision to develop the Brunei film industry, Regalblue Production produced a feature film What’s So Special about Rina in 2013 and a Brunei-Lao PDR co-production film RINA2 in 2017. Both films were well-received locally and were invited to several international film festivals. ABDULLAH is a Thai-Chinese citizen of Brunei, Mass Communication graduate, and has been living in Brunei since 1997.
  • Venkat AMUDHAN
    Venkat AMUDHAN is a writer and director. He is an alumnus of Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute. Zero is his debut feature in development. The film was in the IT Project market at Network of Asian Fantastic Films(NAFF) at the 21st Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. In 2016, he directed-executive produced Nautical Narratives of India, a TV documentary. He is also the writer-director of Rat (2013) and Aham (2012). Thug Beram (2011) got him the Sonje Award at the 16th Busan International Film Festival, National Award for Students Film (2013) and was screened at the 42nd International Film Festival of India, Goa. For more information, please visit
  • Hkawn Mai Aung
    Hkawn Mai Aung works as a producer in Niyyayana Creative Content Co. Ltd., which is under the umbrella of Forever Group, one of the only two private media company groups in Myanmar. She started her career in film industry in 2016, working as an assistant producer in a drama series called Egowhich is now showing in Myanmar. In 2017, she took responsible for another drama series called Honey Pond as a producer, which will be shown in January 2018.
  • DO Manh Tuan
    DO Manh Tuan graduated from the Film Studies Program by Ford Foundation. He then started his career as a screenwriter and produced short films in the capacity of writer, director and producer. Thereafter he worked as a freelancer for independent film projects such as Bi, Don’t Be Afraid which won the SACD Prize for best screenplay, ACID/CCAS Prize at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival in 2010 and Big Father, Small Father and Other Stories. He also line produced several commercials. He attended the Asian Film Academy 2010 as a Producer.
  • Saken JOLDAS
    Saken JOLDAS is a filmmaker from Kazakhstan whose debut feature film On i Ona (Him & Her) was a commercial success, finishing No.1 for 2013 domestic box office. His second feature project Animal Instinct is a psychological thriller about veteran police detective who is assigned a school murder case to discover that one of the witnesses is his estranged daughter, and as the investigation unfolds, he realizes how little he knows about his daughter.
  • KIM Jaeyoung
    A budding producer, KIM Jaeyoung started her career on the film festival circuit. As a member of the programming team at the Jeonju International Film Festival, KIM learned the intricacies of the film industry and the trends in cinema aesthetics while familiarizing herself with the nature of film media. She then joined the Busan International Film Festival, where her work experiences provided her with a good grasp of trends in the international film market and the positioning of films in the global industry. Currently, she is a fellow at the Busan Asian Film School, expanding her producing skills to produce feature-length narratives.
  • LEE Yonghee
    LEE Yonghee graduated from Kookmin University in Korea. Since he was university student, he has made many films as a director and a producer and he joined the 37thDEGREE production as a producer in 2014. He has worked on many commercial videos including those commissioned by Hyundai, Google, Tencent and Samsonite’s adverting videos. He recently started producing films including the short film Good News (2016), directed by Giovanni FUMU and invited to the 73rd Venice International Film Festival, The Orizzonti Short Film Competition.
  • LEE Yve Vonn
    Picking up skills and sense from the television industry, LEE Yve Vonn has also been involved in film producing since 2010. Her works have travelled to Cannes Film Festival, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Asian Television Awards. She is currently developing several feature film projects supported by Taipei Golden Horse Film Project Promotion, Link of Cine-Asia by Busan Film Commission and Malaysian government film grants.
    Sumudu MALALAGAMA is a director & producer who has a film academic background from Sri Lanka. She has represented Sri Lanka at LV Prasad Academy India in 2012 and at the Youth Film forum in Film and Television Institute India NSFA in 2015. She has been involved in filmmaking since 2009 and her name is credited and awarded as a short film director and also credited as a producer for the award-winning short films and the feature film titled IKKA (2016) by Kaushalya Madhawa Pathirana.
  • Kaze NG Qin Ying
    Kaze NG Qin Ying graduated from Taiwan Shih Hsin university. She joined 3Hsound Studio as an audio engineer in 2007. She then started her production career in 2009 after she came back to Malaysia. She has played the role of production Manager and line producer in numerous local movies and TV commercials. Recent movies that she produced as line producer are Mrs.K by Ho YuHang, and Shuttle Life by Tan Seng Kiat.
  • Amado OCAMPO
    Amado OCAMPO began his career as a technical staff at a local independent production house in the Philippines until moving into other responsibilities in production, creatives and post-production. Presently, he is working as a producer and director for TVCs, TV shows and digital campaigns for various production houses and advertising agencies in the Philippines and regional clients in Thailand, Korea and Australia. In 2014, he was an assistant director for the first Korea-Philippines full-length film, Seoul Mates. Last year, he co-directed Ponching’s New Family full-length feature film entry for the Cinemalaya Film Festival Philippines.
  • Thanouphet ONMAVONG
    Thanouphet ONMAVONG graduated from Urban Planning at National University of Laos and master of architecture at Chulalongkorn University. He is a teacher at faculty of architecture and run a production company in Lao PDR. He produced 2 short films on love story and 3 short documentary films screening at Vientianale Film Festival and Chaktomuk Short Film Festival.
  • PARK Sungho
    PARK Sungho was born in Seoul, Korea in 1977. He majored in Film Editing at the Cinematography Department at Chung-Ang University. From 2007 to 2013, he worked full-time for the Busan International Film Festival and served as a program coordinator for Asian cinema and manager for the Asian Film Academy. In addition, he attended and worked for various film festivals as a buyer, programmer, juror and advisor. Having traveled to 40 countries, he settled in Cambodia in 2013. PARK is currently a programmer for the Cambodia International Film Festival and is working to promote Cambodian cinema globally.
  • Nutthapon RAKKHATHAM
    Nutthapon RAKKHATHAM (a.k.a Turk) is a filmmaker from Thailand. His debut short film My Grandfather’s Photobook (2015) won the Vichitmatra award from the 19th Thai Short Film and Video Festival. In 2016, his short film A Little Tiger (2016) was officially selected for an award nomination at the Busan International Film Festival and Singapore International Film Festival.
  • SO Chandara
    Having acquired two Master degrees in Entrepreneurship and Project Management from Lyon 2 and Lille University, France in 2016, SO Chandara is an emerging independent film producer from Cambodia. He was a senior film commissioner at the Cambodian Film Commission for six years and has been involved in over 60 local and foreign film productions, including fiction and feature length documentary films per year. He has worked as a production assistant on a Netflix produced film First They Killed My Father by Angelina Jolie as well as the Oscar-nominated film The Missing Picture, which received the “Un Certain Regard” award.
  • Komeil SOHEILI
    Komeil SOHEILI is a freelance filmmaker and producer. He works as a director in Simiya-Film company and has attended various film festivals including the Fajr International Film Festival where he was nominated as best director. He has experiences in cooperating with various channels such as National Geographic, VPRO, IRIB among others. He acquired an Master of Arts degree in Cultural Studies and Media from the University of Teheran.
  • Carol Shu Tjin THAM
    Carol Shu Tjin THAM is a producer with mm2 entertainment and was a fellow at Busan Asian Film School (AFiS) in 2017 and a participant of Fantastic Film School in Bucheon International Film Festival 2017. During her time with mm2 entertainment, she has produced numerous commercials and short films as well as feature length content. She was the associate producer for 4Love, an omnibus feature screened at the Singapore International Film Festival in 2016 and released theatrically in December 2016. She was also producer for Uplift, a telemovie recently aired on Starhub cable TV in August 2017.
  • VAI Yik Pun
    VAI Yik Pun graduated with a Master of Science degree in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He directed and produced different short films: Letters from the White Mountain, Eclipse, Toilet Paper, which were officially selected by different international film festivals including the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Lyon Asian Film Festival among others. Mini Movie International has offered a five-year non-exclusive worldwide distribution deal to his short film Toilet Paper (2006). In 2008, he was also selected as a fellow of the Asian Film Academy organized by the Busan International Film Festival.
  • Jamyang Jamtsho WANGCHUK
    When Jamyang WANGCHUK was fourteen, he was chosen to play the young Dalai Lama in Seven Years in Tibet (1997). As he grew, this introduction to filmmaking stayed with him. Although he loved movies and storytelling, a career in filmmaking in Bhutan was not an option. He, therefore, chose to study law but eventually became a tour guide, which opened his eyes to the rich oral tradition of the country. He was truly inspired to share the stories that fascinated him, hidden within the mountains. He wrote, produced, acted and directed his debut feature Gyalsey, Legacy of a Prince (2015) to discover his strengths